Here are my views on some of the issues currently important to our district:

State Budget 

The 2015-2017 biannual state budget is a disaster. It overhauled the family care system and took 250,000,000 dollars from the University of Wisconsin school system. The decisions made in the budget hurts our citizens on a fundamental level. I believe we will be feeling the ramifications of this budget for years to come and I will do everything I can to fix and fight against what has been done. 

Public School Funding vs. Voucher School Funding

Public schools should be the state and local government’s top priority. The money we spend should be towards supporting the students, teachers, and programs of our public school system. This is the only way to ensure that every child receives an equally, high standard of education. Voucher programs are ineffective and undermine the support that is needed for the public schools. It does not reach the students it intended to and has failed to truly help our children. 

Reduced Stray Holds

I believe that protecting local animals is important. I support the new law that allows shelters to find the best homes possible for animals sooner, regardless of whether they were seized in criminal cases or as strays. Animals’ health suffers significantly while in the shelter. In addition, to hold them for lengthy periods can be very costly to local governments. This new law will save many animals' lives, save taxpayer dollars, and bring Wisconsin's laws in line with those in other states.