Other Resources

The Legislative Audit Bureau investigates allegations of fraud, waste, mismanagement, and other inappropriate acts committed by state agencies, state employees, and contractors of the state. Other resources provide assistance in reporting a concern related to a particular program or issue or the federal government. If you are unsure of how to proceed with your concern, you may still call the Bureau's hotline, and one of the hotline staff will assist you.

Public Assistance    


Tax Issues    

To report suspected tax evasion:

State: Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Federal: Internal Revenue Service


Consumer Protection    

For issues related to improper solicitation, product safety concerns, and possible consumer scams: Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

For issues related to unauthorized credit card charges, disputed debts, and improper collection practices: Department of Financial Institutions.


Employment Rights Violations    

Represented state employees are encouraged to contact their union representative for assistance and guidance. Any state employee may also contact the Department of Workforce Development Division of Equal Rights.


Ethics and Elections Matters    

For matters involving compliance with campaign finance laws, compliance with lobbying laws, and ethics violations involving state and local public officials, a complaint must be submitted in writing to the Wisconsin Ethics Commission. For matters concerning election crime, election official abuse or violation, or violations of the Help America Vote Act, a complaint must be submitted to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.


Local Assistance    

To report criminal concerns, contact your local district attorney’s office.