Certain Broadband Expansion Grant Programs
Report 22-11 | September 2022

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The Legislative Audit Bureau makes 8 recommendations to the Public Service Commission.


We recommend the Public Service Commission:  

    1. establish comprehensive written policies for administering broadband expansion grant programs, including provisions for publicizing grants, reviewing and awarding grants, reimbursing telecommunication providers for project costs actually paid, and overseeing the program; (p. 18)
    2. consistently comply with the grant application instructions it provides to telecommunication providers; (p. 19)
    3. collect and retain any scores that panel members give to grant applications or specify the precise method it will use to review the applications if it does not intend for applications to be scored; (p. 19)
    4. specify in writing its reasons for awarding grants for projects not recommended by such panels; (p. 20)
    5. reimburse telecommunication providers only after they submit documents indicating the amounts they had actually paid to construct projects; (p. 20)
    6. reimburse telecommunication providers only after they report all information required by the grant agreements; (p. 20)
    7. document its efforts to verify that telecommunication providers had constructed the broadband infrastructure for which they were reimbursed; (p. 21) and
    8. report to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee by November 15, 2022, on the status of its efforts to implement these recommendations.