Legal services

The LRB drafts all bills, resolutions, and amendments for introduction in the legislature.  Typically, during a legislative session, LRB attorneys will draft almost 6,000 bills and 4,500 amendments, including the governor’s executive budget bill.

The LRB provides confidential, nonpartisan legal advice and services to legislators and conducts legal research on issues of legislative concern. LRB attorneys assist with legal matters relating to legislative operations and business.

The LRB provides gavel-to-gavel coverage of Assembly and Senate floor sessions. LRB attorneys are on the floor in each house during floor periods to answer all legislative inquiries. The LRB chief provides legal assistance on matters relating to legislative procedure and rules.

Research and analysis

The LRB conducts legal and public policy research for legislators, their staffs, and legislative committees. Research and information services are nonpartisan and confidential at all times.

The LRB serves as a liaison to national legislative clearinghouse organizations such as NCSL. LRB analysts assist legislators in finding legislation from other states and in researching legislative proposals for introduction in Wisconsin.

The LRB maintains drafting files for all introduced legislation since 1927. The LRB conducts legislative histories for legislators and their staffs and responds to judicial and public inquiries about legislative history.

The LRB answers inquiries from the general public on matters relating to the legislature and state government. The LRB is the authoritative source for research material on the history of the Wisconsin Legislature.

The LRB maintains an extensive collection of materials relating to the Wisconsin Legislature and provides access to Wisconsin state government publications and reports.

General legislative services

The LRB publishes the Laws of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations. The LRB publishes legislative acts electronically on the legislature’s website and continuously updates the statutes throughout the session.

The LRB publishes the Wisconsin Administrative Code and the Wisconsin Administrative Register. The LRB posts these publications in electronic format on the legislature’s website and continuously updates them throughout the session.

The LRB publishes the Wisconsin Blue Book, which includes legislative biographies and statistics, information on state and local government, essays on the operation of Wisconsin government, and election statistics.

The LRB works with legislative offices, the Legislative Technology Services Bureau, and local municipalities in legislative redistricting activities. The LRB drafts all redistricting legislation.

The LRB compiles, indexes, and publishes the Assembly Rules, the Senate Rules, and the Joint Rules. The rules govern the organization and proceedings of the Assembly and the Senate.

The LRB assists the Assembly Chief Clerk and the Senate Chief Clerk in the publication of the Bulletin of the Proceedings of the Wisconsin Legislature. This publication tracks the activities of the Wisconsin Legislature and contains each house’s official journals.