Date Released Title
2/29/2024 Senator Pfaff Introduces Comprehensive PFAS Legislation
2/20/2024 Senator Pfaff and Representative McGuire Propose Property Tax Relief
2/19/2024 Senator Pfaff Applauds Signing of Fair Maps
1/31/2024 Legislators Introduce “Buy American” Package
1/22/2024 Senator Pfaff Statement on 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade
1/16/2024 Senate Passes Legislation in Honor of Ho-Chunk World War II Code Talkers
1/9/2024 Senator Pfaff Announces the Acceptance of Emma Duell to the 2024 Senate Scholar Program


Date Released Title
12/27/2023 Senator Pfaff Statement on the Passing of Former U.S. Senator Herb Kohl
12/19/2023 Statement from La Crosse Area Legislators on Governor Evers PFAS Announcement
12/5/2023 Senator Pfaff Appointed to State Building Commission
11/14/2023 Senator Pfaff Urges Improvements on PFAS Bill
11/1/2023 Senator Pfaff Introduces Legislation to Invest in Agriculture and Fight Food Insecurity
10/31/2023 Senator Pfaff Introduces Legislation to Lower Prescription Drug Costs
10/24/2023 2024 Senate Scholar Program Application Open Through Nov. 17th
10/16/2023 Senator Pfaff Statement on Lack of Republican Investment in Child Care
10/11/2023 Senator Pfaff Urges Action on Child Care Counts
9/25/2023 Senator Pfaff Introduces Bill to Cap the Price of Insulin
9/14/2023 Senator Pfaff Applauds Passage of Farmland Preservation Bill
9/7/2023 Senator Pfaff Introduces Bill to Support Small Businesses
8/8/2023 Senator Pfaff Reacts to Child Care Special Session
7/27/2023 Senator Pfaff Applauds Local Public Improvement Grants
6/28/2023 Senator Pfaff Statement on State Budget Vote
6/21/2023 Senator Pfaff Attends Agriculture Road Improvement Program Signing
6/14/2023 Senator Pfaff Votes to Increase Shared Revenue
6/5/2023 Senator Pfaff Calls for Improvements to PFAS Legislation
6/2/2023 Senator Pfaff Votes for Agriculture Road Improvement Program
6/1/2023 Senator Pfaff Disappointed in JFC Vote Against Prairie Springs Science Center
5/19/2023 Senator Pfaff Opposes Cutting Food Security Grant Program
5/9/2023 Senator Pfaff Votes to Eliminate Personal Property Tax
4/19/2023 Senator Pfaff Applauds Passage of Producer-Led Watershed Bill
4/10/2023 Senator Pfaff Requests Answers from Delta Air Lines on Suspension of Service
4/5/2023 Senator Pfaff to Hold Budget Listening Session in Viroqua
3/29/2023 Senator Pfaff Supports Extension of Postpartum Medicaid Coverage
3/21/2023 Senator Pfaff Comments on Legislation to Restore Roe v. Wade in Wisconsin
3/13/2023 Senator Pfaff and Representative Billings to Hold Budget Listening Session in La Crosse
3/13/2023 Senator Pfaff Visits Holmen High School
3/9/2023 Senator Pfaff and Colleagues Push Back Against FDA Draft Guidance on Plant-Based Products Marketed and Labeled as “Milk”
2/15/2023 Senator Pfaff: Investing in Wisconsinites will Grow our Economy
2/7/2023 Senator Pfaff and Governor Evers Visit Couleecap Housing Development and Food Pantry in Prairie du Chien
1/24/2023 Senator Pfaff Applauds Governor Evers’ Focus on Economic Development
1/17/2023 Sen. Pfaff and Democratic Colleagues Call for Referendum to Restore Reproductive Freedom
1/3/2023 Sen. Pfaff: 2023-24 Wisconsin State Legislative Session Begins


Date Released Title
12/20/2022 Senator Pfaff Receives Senate Committee Appointments
12/14/2022 Sen. Pfaff Appointed to Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors
10/4/2022 Sen. Pfaff Defends Freedom and Reproductive Health
9/23/2022 Senator Pfaff Supports Additional Resources for EMS Providers
9/21/2022 Sen. Pfaff Supports Special Session to Create Pathway to Repeal Wisconsin’s Criminal Abortion Ban
8/29/2022 Sen. Pfaff Congratulates Driftless Development Inc. on Business Development Assistance Grant
8/19/2022 Sen. Pfaff Statement on PFAS Action Plan Progress Report
8/18/2022 Sen Pfaff: Funding to Combat Opioid Epidemic Should be Released
7/8/2022 Sen. Pfaff Statement on Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling on Ballot Drop Boxes
6/28/2022 Sen. Pfaff Supports Direct Legal Challenge to Wisconsin's 1800s-era Criminal Abortion Ban
6/22/2022 Senator Pfaff Statement on Special Session
6/8/2022 Sen. Pfaff Stands Ready to Defend Reproductive Healthcare
6/2/2022 Senator Pfaff Applauds Investment in Local Roads
5/2/2022 Sen. Pfaff Statement on Roe v. Wade Leaked Report
4/8/2022 Sen. Pfaff Praises Gov. Evers’ $15 Million Investment in Student Mental Health
3/23/2022 Senator Pfaff Urges Action to Lower Health Care Costs
3/9/2022 Sen. Pfaff Applauds Passage of Nitrogen Optimization Bill
2/23/2022 Sen. Pfaff Reacts to Wisconsin DNR Board Vote to Reject PFAS Rules
2/15/2022 Let's Keep Investing in the People of Wisconsin
2/1/2022 Sen. Pfaff extends thanks to Sen. Bewley
1/27/2022 Sen. Pfaff praises tax rebate and economic development plan
1/25/2022 Conservation bill passes in the Senate
1/7/2022 Sen. Pfaff statement on interim UW-System President Tommy Thompson stepping down
1/4/2022 Sen. Pfaff announces the acceptance of Mia Jaynes to the 2022 Senate Scholar Program


Date Released Title
12/17/2021 Sen. Pfaff, Village President Purvis, announce Disaster Recovery Grant award for Village of La Farge
12/15/2021 Sen. Pfaff congratulates Secretary Brennan on service, welcomes Secretary Blumenfeld
11/10/2021 Senator Pfaff praises passage of $5 million agriculture export bill in the State Senate
11/8/2021 Senator Pfaff votes against gerrymandered maps
10/20/2021 Sen. Pfaff, Rep. Billings, and DCF Sec. Amundson discuss solutions to child care crisis in La Crosse
9/23/2021 Sen. Pfaff, Rep. Vining introduce bill to eliminate Personal Property Tax
8/10/2021 Sen. Pfaff Statement on Rep. Ron Kind’s Retirement Announcement
7/28/2021 Sen. Pfaff: Legislature’s failure to act on education proposal is irresponsible, bad for Wisconsin students
6/30/2021 Sen. Pfaff Statement on State Budget Vote
6/29/2021 Senator Pfaff joins President Joe Biden in La Crosse to tout bipartisan infrastructure proposal
6/25/2021 Sen. Pfaff introduces Joint Resolution designating June 2021 Pollinator Awareness Month in Wisconsin
6/16/2021 Sen. Pfaff, Gov. Evers visit Hamburg Hills Farm in Vernon County for June Dairy Month
5/5/2021 Sen. Pfaff Voices Support for DATCP Sec-des. Romanski, Urges Confirmation
5/4/2021 Sen. Pfaff congratulates former La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat on new position at LADCO
4/23/2021 Sen. Pfaff Celebrates Earth Day in Monroe County
4/21/2021 Sen. Pfaff, Gov. Evers, Others, Hold Press Conference on PFAS Contamination
4/20/2021 Sen. Pfaff, Rep. Doyle to Present Citation to Pischke Motors
3/23/2021 32nd Senate District Budget Listening Session Covers Key Proposals
3/11/2021 Sen. Pfaff and Rep. Tauchen - Commemorating the Life and Legacy of Thomas Lyon
3/8/2021 Sen. Pfaff, Rep. Billings, Rep. Doyle, to Hold Virtual Budget Listening Session
3/1/2021 Sen. Pfaff Applauds Gov. Evers’ Signing of Senate Bill 62
2/22/2021 Pfaff and Billings Statement on Governor Evers' Capital Budget
2/19/2021 Sen. Pfaff Celebrates National FFA Week
2/17/2021 Sen. Pfaff: The Governor's budget invests in Wisconsin values
2/12/2021 Sen. Pfaff Presents City of La Crosse with Wisconsin Apartment Association Public Service Award
2/9/2021 Sen. Pfaff Testifies in Support of Revitalized Farmland Preservation Program
2/5/2021 Sen. Pfaff: "Governor Evers' historic investment in agriculture is great for Wisconsin"
1/27/2021 Working Together to Fix Wisconsin’s Unemployment Insurance System
1/19/2021 Pfaff Congratulates Wisconsin Biden Nominees Andrea Palm and Cindy Marten
1/19/2021 Honoring the Life of Bobby Gronemus
1/13/2021 Senator Pfaff Applauds Governor Evers' "Year of Broadband"
1/11/2021 2021 Senate Scholar Program Application Now Open