Released: 1/5/2020

Let's Pull Together, Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get to Work

Senator Brad Pfaff

As the days grow longer and the New Year begins to unfold, I’m filled with optimism and determination. I’m optimistic about what I know we can accomplish, and I’m determined because we must overcome the challenges we face together. We have to take care of each other, weather the remainder of this virus, and focus on building enduring communities.

We are no strangers to adversity. I learned at a young age that to solve problems, we have to come together as a community. I was blessed to grow up on a dairy farm in rural La Crosse County, and like so many Wisconsinites, the farm taught me the value of hard work, honesty, humility, and dedication. These values are what make western Wisconsin a wonderful place to live. They give me confidence that we will emerge from these unprecedented times stronger than ever.

This week, I’m honored to begin representing the 32nd District in the Wisconsin State Senate. I remain humbled by the voter’s faith in me and I’m excited by the opportunity to serve this place I love – the place we call home.

In the State Senate, I will serve on five committees. I will be the ranking member of the Committee on Agriculture & Tourism and the Committee on Utilities, Technology & Telecommunications. I’ll also be a member of the Committee on Economic & Workforce Development, the Committee on Transportation & Local Government, and the Committee on Universities & Technical Colleges. The work these committees do impacts our daily life, and I take this responsibility seriously.

We have a tremendous opportunity to build a brighter tomorrow, and the issues before these committees are central to that effort. For example, agriculture is one of the primary economic engines in our state. According to a UW-Madison study, agriculture employs one out of every nine people and contributes almost $105 billion to Wisconsin’s economy. But it means much more to so many. Our farming heritage gives us pride and helps define us as a people. I will be a champion for family farmers and the rural communities they support.

I will work to open new markets for Wisconsin products while investing in the resilient infrastructure we need to move the fruits of our labor to consumers. In addition to the year-round tourism our land supports, our position on the Mississippi River and the state border are critical to our economy. Our roads, railways, ports, and water access make us a regional transportation hub, which is central to our history and vital for our future.

For many people, the natural beauty of our land and water defines this area. I am in awe every time I drive the Great River Road or crest a ridge to look out on one of our many coulees. I will work to protect our natural heritage and support environmental stewardship so that our children and grandchildren can hike, hunt, fish, and enjoy the good life here just as we have.

One thing that makes us special is our unique combination of people and communities. La Crosse is one of Wisconsin’s great cities. Its rich history, vibrant economy, and dynamic culture blend with the surrounding rural communities that make western Wisconsin so special. But just as a farmer tends their fields, we have to invest in all of our communities.

That means creating job opportunities in rural villages and large cities alike. We can and must bring better internet access to more people so they can stay here and compete for the jobs of today and tomorrow. We can invest in a modern and resilient energy infrastructure to support families and businesses.

I’m also excited to serve on the Universities and Technical Colleges Committee to support the exceptional educational institutions we have right here. UW-La Crosse, Western Tech, and Viterbo University bring students, researchers, and teachers from around the world to enrich our community and play an instrumental role in our economy.

When people think about what makes Wisconsin special, they’re thinking about what we have right here in this district. We take pride in our tightly knit communities founded on family, faith, shared success, and hard work. In tough times, it’s more important than ever that we lift each other up.

I’m excited to serve you in the State Senate. I look forward to meeting with and learning from people throughout this wonderful district. Please do not hesitate to contact my office to seek assistance or share your thoughts at (608) 266-5490 or

Let’s pull together, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.