Democrats Ready and Willing to Work for Wisconsinites

MADISON – The Wisconsin State Senate acted on nearly 80 bills during today’s floor period. Despite the lengthy floor calendar, it failed to include proposals that have support from a majority of Wisconsinites including BadgerCare expansion, marijuana legalization and improved   broadband access.

Sen. Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) released the following statement regarding today’s floor period:

“Senate Democrats are working to build back our economy, support working families and invest in the health and public safety of Wisconsinites. Sadly, Republicans stand in the way of fully accomplishing these efforts.

“With the little time remaining in our legislative session, Republicans are preoccupied by hot button political issues that fail to meet the real needs of Wisconsinites.

“Wisconsin’s all-time low unemployment rate, historic budget surplus and far-reaching infrastructure updates are all thanks to Democrats. We will continue listening to Wisconsinites to prioritize the issues that will move our state forward.”