GOP Legislators Pass Voter Suppression Bills

MADISON – Republican members of the Senate Committee on Elections, Election Process Reform and Ethics today passed legislation to limit voting and restrict access to the polls. These Republican-led policies are part of a coordinated national effort to suppress voting.

Senate Bills 207, 210 and 213 will interfere in Wisconsin’s election process in consequential ways. If enacted, these bills would make it more difficult for clerks to recruit poll workers, block funding for election administration and make polling locations more intimidating and unsafe.

Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick), the Ranking member of the Senate Committee on Elections, Election Process Reform and Ethics released the following statement on today’s public hearing:

“These legislative efforts don’t have Wisconsinites’ best interest at heart – it was my moral and civic obligation to vote ‘no’ on these bills.

“These bills will effectively make our election processes more challenging for the most marginalized members of our state. Advocates throughout Wisconsin are concerned of the impact these bills will have on the elderly and residents with disabilities. I appreciate Governor Evers’ public stance against any legislation that makes it harder for Wisconsinites to vote.”

Senator Kelda Roys (D-Madison) added the following statement: 

“Wisconsin Republicans are all in on the Big Lie. Re-litigating an election Republicans lost doesn’t move our state forward – the only purpose of these bills is to falsely undermine confidence in our democracy. Wisconsinites are facing real challenges, and it’s time for Republicans to start addressing people’s needs instead of trying to limit the freedom to vote.”