Sen. Smith’s Statement on COVID-19 Compromise Legislation Passage

MADISON – Today the Wisconsin State Senate passed Assembly Bill 1, a second COVID-19 government response bill. Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) released the following statement in response to today’s Senate floor period:

“We are one step closer to passing a second COVID-19 response bill due to Governor Evers’ leadership. During the pandemic, Governor Evers heard Wisconsinites’ calls to set politics aside. He worked with Republican legislative leaders to facilitate a compromise with broad support from Republicans and Democrats, alike.

“Since the State Legislature passed the first COVID-19 response bill 270 days ago, the Republican Majority Party lost sight of the urgency to pass additional COVID-19 relief. Wisconsinites waited too long–and too many residents needlessly suffered–in the time it took for Republicans to resolve their internal debates and come up with a solution.

“For months, Governor Evers worked admirably to reach across the aisle and find consensus for the People of Wisconsin. I’m hopeful the Assembly Republicans will follow the example set by the Governor and the Senate so we can move this legislation forward and develop additional COVID-19 relief in the near future.”