Celebrate Our Farmers During June Dairy Month

MADISON – Today marks the beginning of June Dairy Month, a celebration of Wisconsin’s dairy farmers and their economic and cultural contributions to our state. Their perseverance and hard work has deservedly earned Wisconsin its title of America’s Dairyland.

In honor of June Dairy Month in Wisconsin, Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) shared the following statement:

“During June Dairy Month, we must not forget the ingenuity of Wisconsin’s farmers, who have pushed us through stressful times before. While farmers face a global pandemic and other enormous challenges, including over-production and low milk prices, we are reminded of their determination to push ahead and show us, by example, how resilient farmers can be.

“Wisconsin farmers have always demonstrated their ability to recover from adversity. We have an opportunity to use what we’ve learned from our farmers, to pull ourselves and our neighbors up.

“Although June Dairy Month will be celebrated differently this year, do what you can to support the family farms that contribute so much to our state. Buy local dairy products at the farmers market or your nearby grocery store. Also, be sure to look up virtual events taking place in western Wisconsin or participate in a drive thru dairy breakfast.”