Ranking Democrats on Agriculture Call for Action on Special Session

Senator Smith and Representative Considine Speak Out

Madison – Today, Senator Jeff Smith (D-Eau Claire) and Representative Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) joined their colleagues at a press conference on the January 2020 Special Session on Agriculture. As Ranking Democrats on the Senate and Assembly Committees on Agriculture, Senator Smith and Representative Considine are eager to take action on this issue.

Last week in his State of the State Address, Governor Tony Evers called for a special session to address the dairy crisis in Wisconsin. The January Special Session began today at 1:00PM, and Democrats are encouraging Republican leadership to come to the table.

Senator Smith, the Ranking member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Revenue and Financial Institutions shared the following statement:

“As Wisconsinites, we pride ourselves in our agricultural diversity and recognition as America’s Dairyland. In recognizing these strengths, Governor Evers introduced the agriculture bill package to continue supporting Wisconsin’s longstanding agricultural legacy while fixing the existing challenges our farmers and rural communities are facing.

“Unfortunately today, we’ve seen the Republican leaders’ political games played yet again, delaying any action on legislation to support our hardworking farmers. Our farmers do not deserve these obstacles from getting in the way of meaningful solutions to increase Wisconsin’s dairy exports, encourage new producers to enter agricultural markets, provide valuable partnership opportunities, and more. I urge my Republican colleagues to follow the lead of our hardworking farmers and put rural prosperity first.”

Representative Considine, a former livestock farmer, agreed about the importance of this issue:

“There are serious issues facing our farming industry, but Wisconsin’s farmers want to stay in business,” said Rep. Considine. “They love what they do and I want them to continue their chosen profession. Governor Evers’ call to action to support our farmers and the communities they live in is necessary for the health of our rural areas.

“As Ranking Member of the Assembly Committee on Agriculture, I have been disappointed by the inaction on this issue this session. I am eager to get to work on this. Our rural communities cannot afford to have us play politics. I appreciate Governor Evers’ leadership on this issue, and look forward to the public hearings on these bills. Let’s get to work.