Everyone in Wisconsin Deserves Clean Drinking Water Many of our communities face challenges that threaten their health and safety due to polluted drinking water. That’s why Democrats are committed to strengthening clean water protections and addressing this public health crisis.
Legislative Democrats Roll Out Their Priorities: Forward Together Recently, Legislative Democrats unveiled a list of priorities that are reflective of the voices and priorities of Wisconsinites – “Forward Together.”
Wisconsin schools put students first, Legislature should do the same Under Governor Tony Evers’ leadership, Republicans agreed to make a down payment on the People’s Budget and increase funding for our schools.
Taxpayers Bear the Costs of Unaccountable Choice Programs In my district, the Baraboo School Board made their voices heard. They asked for the state to be transparent when it comes to choice school programs, and to let taxpayers know how their money is being diverted.
Republicans Continue to Leave Small Family Farms Behind - It’s no secret, small family farms are struggling in Wisconsin. There are a variety of issues that have impacted this downturn, and it’s more important than ever that we are paying attention and coming up with solutions to help alleviate the pain that our agriculture industry is experiencing.
Democrats Give Republicans a Second Chance to Expand Health Care Last week, I stood with Governor Tony Evers to announce that I was introducing stand-alone legislation to increase the eligibility limit of the Wisconsin Medicaid program to 133% of the federal poverty level.
It’s Time to Close the Dark Store Loophole and Ensure Tax Fairness orporations in Wisconsin have been prioritized by Republican policymakers for the past decade, over communities, farmers, schools, and hard-working Wisconsinites. One issue in particular has been at the forefront for communities all over Wisconsin, the dark store loophole.
Small Farms Deserve Better than GOP Procrastination Today the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) met to approve agency requests for funding allocations to programs in the state. However, some requests did not make it onto our agenda.
Call for Equal Pay Heard Around the World, Inspires a Nation After Independence Day last week, we are all feeling a little bit more patriotic, not solely because of the stunning fireworks that lit the sky and the celebration of our independence, but because we were all reminded what it means to be an American.
The facts behind the Republican Budget: A story of missed opportunities On Wednesday, the Senate voted on the Republican’s version of the State Budget. The GOP budget is a watered down version of the People’s Budget, which removes Wisconsin’s opportunity to make historic investments in our communities and keeps in place massive tax breaks for the wealthy.