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This week I was disappointed that Republicans refused to take up the Black History Month Resolution while the Senate was in session. Celebrating the achievements and contributions of African Americans and acknowledging the role that they played in U.S. history is critical and should not be partisan. 

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Jon Erpenbach
State Senator, Wisconsin District 27 


Senate Session Recap 
Senate was in Session this week and we took up a multitude of bi-partisan bills, including:

However, there were unfortunately some proposals taken up that divided the chamber.

Direct Primary Care Agreement 

This bill as amended allows providers to discriminate against patients based on citizenship status, religion, disability, gender identity, genetic information, health status and pre-existing medical conditions. 

Everyone should be able to seek out medical care without worrying about being mistreated, harassed or denied. 

GOP Crime Bills 

Wisconsin's criminal justice system has some of the worst racial disparities in the country. We are currently spending more than $33,000 per incarcerated person each year, compared to $7,000 in state aid per student.

There is an estimated 23,609 inmates in Wisconsin prisons that are designed to only hold 20,000. Instead of increasing penalties to put more people into jail without increased funding, we should be passing smart policies to protect our communities. 

 GOP Tax Giveaway

The Governor's education plan is a win-win for Wisconsinites. It cuts $130 million in property taxes while investing in K-12 public schools, including living up to our promise of 2/3 funding. 

Republicans are denying our children the opportunity to get a quality education by not investing in classrooms, special education, mental health care ad rural schools. 



Democrats continue to advocate for Wisconsin Farmers

During the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) executive session this week, thanks to Governor Evers' leadership, we took up a several bills aimed at helping farmers.

JFC Democrats introduced an amendment to include Governor Evers' special session proposal for regional farmer support for stress and mental illness. Additionally, we introduced an amendment to the Wisconsin Initiative for Dairy Exports to ensure that DATCP can get to work on helping farmers now, instead of continuing to stall on the on this issue. 


Community Programs and Announcements 

DATCP Update: DATCP's Farm Center Hosting 'Unexpected Tomorrows' Workshops

As part of its efforts to support farmers facing increased stress due to economic challenges, the Wisconsin Farm Center at the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is hosting a series of one-day workshops for farmers. These workshops will present opportunities for farmers to hear from others in similar situations as well as learn about stress management techniques and resources available to them. 

Six Unexpected Tomorrows workshops will be held throughout the state this spring and fall:

  • March 12, Wausau
  • March 26, Green Bay
  • April 9, Beaver Dam
  • April 16, Dodgeville
  • November (dates to be determined), La Crosse and Chippewa Falls

Learn more. 


DNR Updates: 



Contacting My Office

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