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Sen. Roys, Rep. Hong introduce Reproductive Freedom Act

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MADISON — Today, Sen. Kelda Roys (D-Madison) and Rep. Francesca Hong (D-Madison) will be introducing the Reproductive Freedom Act, designed to protect and expand freedom for Wisconsinites.

The three components of the legislation will do the following: 

  • Restores the power of individuals to make their own pregnancy healthcare decisions by removing medically unnecessary restrictions and bans on abortion care, and removes inappropriate political interference into the doctor-patient relationship.
  • Affirms the obligation of health care providers to provide medically accurate information to patients, and creates a right for patients to receive medically accurate information from their health care provider.
  • Ensures that publicly funded pregnancy counseling facilities provide all-options counseling. 

Sen. Kelda Roys issued the following statement: 

“Wisconsinites overwhelmingly agree: patients, not politicians, should make decisions about their own reproductive care. Even before the Dobbs decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, abortion access was and remains heavily restricted in Wisconsin, and virtually unavailable for some women. Today, we’re ensuring Wisconsinites have the right to make their own reproductive decisions without being coerced, misled, or criminalized.”

Rep. Francesca Hong issued the following statement: 

“At its core, the ability to make decisions about one's reproductive health is a fundamental human right, and it is intimately tied to an individual's sense of self-determination and agency. The Reproductive Freedom Act is an embodiment of our commitment as legislators to safeguarding the autonomy of patients and their access to essential healthcare services here in Wisconsin. By upholding personal autonomy in matters of reproductive justice, we foster a society where individuals are not merely recipients of healthcare services but active participants in their own well-being.”


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