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Order Blue Books

The 2023-2024 Wisconsin Blue Book is officially here, and I am excited to share it with you! The Blue Book is a useful tool for all Wisconsinites, containing comprehensive and up-to-date information about elected officials, state agencies, summaries of significant recent laws passed, and unique stories about Wisconsin history.

These books are free, and my office would be delighted to hand-deliver one to you, or any other constituent who may want one. 

If you live in the 26th Senate district, please fill out this form to request your copy. We plan to make deliveries in the coming weeks. We will also have a pickup option for those who would prefer to grab a copy from my office in the state capitol.

For those who live outside the 26th Senate district, find out who your state representative and senator are here and contact them directly for a copy. If you need help, my office will facilitate a request to your legislators.

If you prefer an electronic copy, you can bookmark the online blue book here.