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No urgency about PFAS: Republicans establish inaccessible trust fund

MADISON, Wis. —Today, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) took up budget items on the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection. JFC Democrats voted in favor of Gov. Evers’ plan to support sustainable farming and provide all Wisconsinites access to clean drinking water. Yet again, Republicans are ignoring the root of the problem and refuse to create a plan to address the prevention, safety standards, or accountability needed to combat PFAS and overall water contamination. 

In response to today’s executive session, Joint Finance Committee Democrats made the following statement:

“For years, Republicans have ignored water quality issues and voted against proposals that would address PFAS, lead, and nitrate contamination. Today, Republicans on Joint Finance once again proved they aren’t serious about addressing these issues. Instead of a real solution, they provided funding for a bill that has not even been officially introduced, with no guarantee that the funding will actually be used.”

“Republicans are once again attempting to play catch up with the plans outlined by Governor Evers in his budget and legislation previously introduced by Democrats, and they certainly fell short today. We must use our historic state surplus of nearly $7 billion to enact smart, effective policy, not half-baked proposals. Wisconsinites deserve leadership, not empty promises.” 

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