State legislature to vote on COVID-19 unemployment relief next week


Unemployed people across Wisconsin who have filed for benefits and been wondering for weeks when they’ll see money coming in may have their answer.

State Senate president Roger Roth said Wisconsin's Assembly and Senate will vote on unemployment issues.

“The state legislature is going to come in next week and hold up our end of the bargain here and that’s to do what we need to do to make sure we can capture the full funds from the federal government so that we can get relief to the hard-working people of Wisconsin," said Roth.

"We’re hopeful next week that we’ll see a bipartisan solution that helps us gap the bridges that are existing at the federal legislation,” said Governor Tony Evers.


The vote will include things like eliminating the one-week waiting period for receiving unemployment benefits and getting those people an additional $600 a week from the Federal Government's Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

“I think we all recognize that this is an issue where we absolutely have to come together and you’re going to see that next week," said Roth. "There isn’t a final document as of yet, but we just want to make sure that when we come in we do what’s necessary to make sure funds that they allocated at the federal level, that those can flow down to people in Wisconsin who need help.”

The benefits, Roth says, will be retroactive.

“It’s not like they’re going to be losing out on anything, because we haven’t passed it yet," he said. "It just took time to make sure we got the details of what they did in the federal government so that we can make sure that our legislation was written specific to that. We’ll be making the necessary changes and the full $600 that they allocated at the federal level will then begin to flow down to the state level to the hard-working people of Wisconsin who need this relief.”

Roth said the State Assembly will meet on Tuesday and State Senate on Wednesday to resolve this issue.

If you still need to apply for unemployment insurance, visit the Department of Workforce Development's website here.

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