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Committed to freedom in the workplace and economic development


 MADISON— State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) released the following statement today on his support of Right to Work legislation:

  “In the past month, I have heard from constituents across the 17th senate district on all sides of the Right to Work issue. After considering this input, I am supporting the proposed Right to Work law. As a member of the Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform, I cast my vote in favor of this legislation.

 “I am a strong believer in workplace freedom. Workers should have the ability to choose whether or not it is in their best interest to belong to a union. If individuals believe that the union organization adequately represents them, it should be the choice of the employee to voluntarily pay dues to the labor organization. The union-employer model that has served our construction industry well will continue to perform well.

 “Right to Work is a jobs issue. Surveys have shown that the majority of businesses consider Right to Work as an important factor in their site selection processes. The 17th senate district borders the State of Iowa. The State of Iowa Economic Development Authority lists its status as a Right to Work state as a benefit on their website. Right to Work states experience higher economic growth, wage increases, and manufacturing GDP than forced union states.

 “My priority is bringing businesses with good-paying jobs to Wisconsin. I believe that by passing Right to Work laws in Wisconsin, we are creating a better place to foster economic growth and giving the power back to the individual worker.”