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Sen. Marklein Votes “No” On More Transportation Funding for Southeast Wisconsin

Marklein fights for all funding to be spent on rural roads.

 MADISON – Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) voted “No” as a member of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) in a vote to send additional funding to the I-94 North-South Corridor project rather than spending the additional funds on State Highway Rehabilitation, which would reach into rural Wisconsin.

 “I voted ‘no’ on the Committee’s decision to spend $22 million of new Federal transportation funding on the I-94 North-South corridor project because I believe that all new Federal funding should be allocated to the State Highway Rehabilitation program to improve our local, rural roads.  I have consistently fought for more funding for rural roads and today was no different.”

 “We missed a major opportunity to improve our rural roads today.  As I visit communities throughout the 17th Senate District, I am constantly and consistently told that our local, rural roads should be our #1 priority. We have an opportunity today to prioritize local, rural roads.  But this decision does not reflect the right priorities.  Therefore, I am voting no.”

 “Further, I disagree that the I-94 North-South project would be delayed without these funds.  I believe that our bonding authority allows the Department of Transportation to fund the project without continuing to deny funding for our local, rural roads.”

 The JFC voted to spend $38.6 million on bridge projects, $22 million on the I-94 North-South corridor and $6.7 million on State Highway Rehabilitation.  Marklein lobbied for $38.6 million for bridges and $37.4 million for the State Highway Rehabilitation program.

The JFC’s vote now moves to Governor Scott Walker who may consider a veto of all or part of the decision.