Marklein's Protective Status for County Jailers Bill Signed by Governor

Madison, WI – Assembly Bill (AB) 28, authored by Senator Howard Marklein, was signed into law today as 2023 Wisconsin Act 4.
Act 4 provides protective status to employees in county jails. It was passed with unanimous, bi-partisan support and is supported by the Badger State Sheriff’s Association, the Wisconsin Counties Association and the Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association.
“I was proud to lead this bill with Rep. Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) to give our county jailers the option of becoming classified as a protective status position. Achieving this bill was the culmination of work over several sessions, led by a variety of different legislators. I am honored to support our law enforcement and public safety officials who will be impacted by this change,” Marklein said.
“Protective status allows our county jailers to decide if they want to receive duty disability insurance and early retirement because of the nature of their jobs. County jailers often face difficult, dangerous situations in a high stress environment. I firmly believe that they should be eligible for these benefits if they so choose,” Marklein said.
Act 4 allows county jailers to elect to pay the additional costs of protective status classification including both the employer’s additional Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) contribution and duty disability costs.  There is no increased cost to the county taxpayer when a county jailer chooses these benefits. The act also allows jailers to opt-out of protective status if they do not want to assume these costs.
AB 28 passed the State Assembly on March 14, 2023 96-0. It passed the Senate March 22, 2023 31-0. Governor Tony Evers signed Act 4 on April 6, 2023.