April 25, 2016



Gov. Scott Walker Signs Marklein’s Veterans Employment Initiative

MADISON— State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) thanked Governor Scott Walker for the signing of Assembly Bill (AB) 441 to become Act 386.  Sen. Marklein coauthored the bill.

Act 386 creates a Council on Veterans Employment, which advises and assists the governor and state agencies with recruitment and employment of veterans. This would also include veterans with a service-connected disability. The initiative requires state agencies to lay out a plan to recruit and retain more veterans in state government based on goals in each specific agency.

In June of 2014, Governor Walker issued Executive Order #137 relating to the Wisconsin Veterans Employment Initiative. The Wisconsin Veterans Employment Initiative has a goal of increasing the number of veterans holding permanent state government positions.

“Veterans have a unique, strong skillset that we can apply to many positions within state government,” Marklein said.  “The Wisconsin Veterans Employment Initiative is a great way to insure that those veterans that return to our state after serving our country have opportunities to continue serving our communities and to support themselves and their families.”