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JFC Increases Funding for Rural Roads
Marklein moves State Highway 154 resurfacing up to 2018.

MADISON – State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) voted for more money for rural roads, including accelerating the schedule for resurfacing on Hwy 154 in Sauk County, as a member of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) today.
The JFC completed the Transportation section of the State Budget that includes:

  •   8.5% increase in funding for local transportation projects
  •   Lowest level of bonding since 2003-05 budget
  •   Repeal the state prevailing wage requirement
  •    Accelerating the Hwy 154 resurfacing project in Sauk County. This project impacts the State Highway between Loganville and Richland Center.

“Throughout the last several years, transportation funding has been a top priority,” Marklein said. “When I talk to the residents of the 17th Senate District, I constantly hear about the conditions of our roads and the needs of people who drive all over the state. This budget will send more funding to municipal, county and state highway maintenance and construction.”
“One of the worst roads in the 17th Senate District, State Highway 154 between Loganville and the Richland County line, was scheduled for resurfacing in 2020 or later. I asked my colleagues to help us by moving the project up to 2018,” Marklein said. “We need to address problem roads in rural Wisconsin and we need to focus our attention where it is most needed.  This budget does that.”
“Our municipal public works and county highway departments do a great job of planning road projects in our communities,” Marklein said. “This budget provides more funding for local leaders to apply to their needs and to keep up with maintenance and growth.”