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Sen. Howard Marklein, Vince Williams, Kathryn Heitman and Rep. Ed Brooks join Governor Scott Walker for the signing of Act 232 on April 3, 2018.




Governor Signs Brooks and Marklein Municipal Welcome Sign Bill
Law initiated by common sense request by the City of Mauston

MADISON – Rep. Ed Brooks (R-Reedsburg) and Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) joined Governor Scott Walker as he signed Assembly Bill 716 to become Act 232. 
This law allows a municipality to place a “welcome sign” in the right-of-way of any highway within the boundaries of the municipality.  The law allows a municipality to install an attractive sign that they deem is necessary to identify their boundaries. Prior law required any sign in the right-of-way of a state highway to comply with strict signage standards.
“The City of Mauston asked us to sponsor legislation that would allow them to install an attractive welcome sign on Hwy 82, east of the city, within the right-of-way of the state highway,” Brooks said. “State laws prohibited them from installing a sign they had already purchased on one of the major gateways to the city.”
“Sometimes we legislate common sense,” Marklein said. “In this case, we legislated a common sense allowance for a city to install an attractive sign that welcomes guests to their city. Rep. Brooks led the charge on this bill and I was honored to support it in the Senate. Our legislative colleagues recognized the necessity of this simple legislation.”
“Rep Brooks and Sen Marklein were incredible partners in shepherding us through this legislative process,” Nathan Thiel, Mauston City Administrator said. “Now the City of Mauston will be able to strategically locate ‘Welcome signs’ at a variety of entry points into the City, including Hwy 82, that were once prohibited.”

Brooks and Marklein joined Governor Scott Walker for the bill signing. Act 232 takes effect immediately. The City of Mauston plans to install the sign on Hwy 82 as soon as weather will allow.