The road to progress is long and arduous, but we find resilience in our enduring values, our unyielding spirit, and our strength together. I am proud to be a strong progressive voice in the Wisconsin State Legislature, fighting to move Wisconsin forward and to help everyday hardworking Wisconsinites like you by:

Supporting and Strengthening Our Communities. Wisconsinites deserve to be
safe and secure where they live, work, and play. I am committed to:

  • Reducing gun violence and promoting responsible gun ownership
  • Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Funding our public schools fully
  • Prioritizing the affordability of post-secondary education
  • Ending the senseless prohibition of marijuana
  • Protecting our state’s natural resources & environment


Putting Government Back to Work. Wisconsin works best when our government works for us. I am committed to:

  • Working for free and fair elections
  • Creating a clean and transparent government
  • Fighting for a nonpartisan redistricting process


Building an Economy that Works for All of Us. Wisconsinites who work hard and
play by the rules must have a fighting chance.  I am committed to:

  • Lifting up working class families
  • Making a path towards affordable and quality healthcare
  • Investing in transportation solutions
  • Eliminating obstacles to affordable housing access
  • Providing families with well deserved tax relief
  • Advocating for equal pay for equal work
  • Championing for a $15 Minimum Wage


Removing Barriers and Promoting Inclusivity. When we work together we can build a Wisconsin that works for the many, instead of the few. I am committed to:

  • Encouraging a diverse and inclusive state
  • Eliminating Wisconsin’s record as one our nation’s most segregated states
  • Recognizing and advocating for LGBTQ+ and non-binary individuals
  • Defending the rights of, and fighting for equity for, women, people of color, and marginalized populations