• Redistricting Process Begins

  • Governor Vetoes Common Sense Election Reform

Redistricting Process Begins

Every ten years, the federal government is required by law to conduct a census of the population. With the most recent one completed last year, the states are tasked with adjusting their legislative districts. If you are interested in learning how the process works in Wisconsin, the non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau's website on redistricting will help answer many of the questions you may have.

For the first time ever, citizens have access to software that will allow them to draw their own districts and submit them to the Legislature. Draw Your District Wisconsin lets you create a statewide plan, regional plan, or identify a community of interest.

Wisconsin's population grew by about 4% which means there may not be any drastic changes to the majority of our legislative districts.

Governor Vetoes Common Sense Election Reform

Governor Evers vetoed six bills passed by the legislature that addressed several election issues that arose in the 2020 cycle. The bills, SB 203, 204, 205, 210 and 292, addressed indefinitely confined voters, ballot drop boxes, special voting deputies and other issues.

The Spring and Fall 2020 elections faced unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic and legal battles. The Legislature took swift action to address these issues and ensure secure elections for voters in the state. Not once did Governor Evers come to the table to discuss the problems faced by the state or make any effort to improve our election process. These vetoes are a final denial of the problem.

Two of the highest profile failures of the 2020 elections were addressed in this package of bills. The Madison “Democracy in the Park” event and manipulation of voters in nursing homes were key targets of the Legislature in passing these reforms.

As absentee ballots and early voting become a larger part of our elections, it was clear that rules needed to be clarified and strengthened to secure our elections. Action needed to be taken immediately to ensure that every legal vote counts.

For those looking for more information and current status of the election reform package, they can visit