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Wisconsin's Local Redistricting Information Page

LTSB will receive the U.S. Census PL 94-171 Redistricting Dataset (Demographics) in mid-August.

Local redistricting will begin for Wisconsin counties on or before September 1, 2021. 

In the State of Wisconsin, the Legislative Technology Services Bureau (LTSB) receives and processes the census data required for local redistricting, as well as provides the software and technology to perform local redistricting. Below you will find resources, software trainings, help documentation, and contact information intended to help Wisconsin county and municipal governments train for the 2021 local redistricting process.

Local Redistricting Resources (PDF Versions):


Software Documentation and Trainings

WISE-LR: Wisconsin Shape Editor for Local Redistricting

WISE-LR is a web application developed by the LTSB specifically for the state statutes of Wisconsin and local redistricting laws in 2021. WISE-LR will allow local officials, or their delegates, to create, analyze, and share county supervisory plans, municipal ward plans, and aldermanic plans with accurate demographic data. Every Wisconsin County Clerk, County Land Information Officer, and Municipal Clerk will be sent credentials and instructions on how to log-in to the WISE-LR Local Redistricting Software. If you need help using the WISE-LR application, please refer to: WISE-LR Help Documentation.

WISE-LR Training Webinars

LTSB hosted the following webinars on the local redistricting software “WISE-LR” via Zoom sessions throughout 2021. All hands-on webinars cover the entire breadth of the WISE-LR software, however, they are each geared toward a specific role in the process. 

County Clerks:
Municipal Clerks:
Land Information Officers


Local Redistricting Timeline

The local redistricting process consists of three stages, each lasting up to 60-days.

  1. Stage 0 & 1 – Census Block Verification and County Supervisory Districts
    • County Land Information Officers (LIO's) will begin with Stage 0 - Census Block Verification.
    • When Stage 0 is complete, County Clerks will begin Stage 1 - creating tentative Supervisory District Plan(s). 

  2. Stage 2 – Municipal Ward Plans
    • After a Supervisory Plan is approved in Stage 1, participating Municipalities will be alerted to begin drawing their Ward Plans.

  3. Stage 3 – Reconciliation of Supervisory Districts and Municipal Wards, (and possibly Aldermanic Districts - Stage A)
    • For Stage 3, both the County and Municipalities will be notified that it is time to reconcile any conflicts between approved ward and supervisory plans.
    • It is recommended that Aldermanic Districts (Stage A) are not created until after all plans are reconciled. 


Contact Information

Local Redistricting Legal Questions:

Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB)
(608) 504-5898

Wisconsin Election Questions:

Wisconsin Elections Commission
(608) 261-2028

Local Redistricting Software Questions:

GIS Team
Legislative Technology Services Bureau (LTSB)
(608) 283-1830

U.S. Census Questions:

Dan Veroff
UW-Applied Population Lab (APL)
(608) 265-9545

Local Organizations:

LTSB GIS & Map Services
17 West Main Street, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53703-3305
(608) 283-1830