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4th District

#StandUpFightBack against Trumpcare

Ahead of the expected House vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, my Democratic colleagues and I sent a letter to the Wisconsin Congressional Federation urging them to vote 'no.' Bipartisan analysis has predicted that the GOP's ACA replacement bill would send premiums skyrocketing and would kick an estimated 24 million people off insurance. Most Wisconsinites want to keep healthcare as is; in a new Marquette Poll, 54% of those polled were in favor of keeping the current healthcare law and improving it. Only 28% wanted the law repealed and replaced. Given those numbers, can you believe Republicans are still supporting this bill?

Let’s be real. Trumpcare will be nothing short of disastrous for Wisconsin families. The fact is everyone will know someone who lost insurance. The poor and the elderly will be disproportionately uninsured or saddled with ridiculously high premiums. The uninsured rate of people in my group aged 50 and older would rise to almost 30%! These are often lower-income people who need coverage the most. This “healthcare” bill is tailored to the rich at the expense of the working families of Wisconsin.

We Wisconsin Democrats are united in our opposition to this dangerous proposal, and we strongly urge that our colleagues in Congress to stand up and fight back against this legislation. I encourage you to continue reaching out to your Representatives and Senators and urging them to vote NO!

Childbirth behind bars

Let me paint a picture for you: A woman is giving birth to her child. While this should be a wonderful moment in her life, she’s shackled to a hospitable bed. She wears a “belly-chain” that chains her wrists to her hips and ties her legs together. Doctors insist she be freed for the safety of her and her baby.  The shackles are a direct impediment to her care, including the administration of epidurals which are necessary for life-saving cesarean sections.

This horrifying scenario is the reality for every mother forced to give birth while confined at the Milwaukee County Jail. A recent federal lawsuit alleges that at least 40 women who were incarcerated at the Milwaukee County Jail were forced to give birth in shackles. This is a new low for our justice system. Not only is this practice dehumanizing, it’s dangerous to the health of the mother and her newborn child. The fact that Milwaukee County Jail is submitting pregnant women to this treatment is unforgivable. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, including inmates.

Now, I’m a legislator of action. As soon as I heard this story, I started the ball rolling to get legislation out to end the shackling of pregnant women. Violations of our human rights can’t be tolerated. I don’t care if you’re an inmate, a child, or my next-door neighbor. I will stand for your dignity. That’s a promise.

The Impact of Trumpcare in Wisconsin

I have a lot of fears when it comes to Trumpcare. I fear that this legislation would send us back to an age where tens of thousands of Americans were dying every year because they lacked health insurance. I hope we can agree that the people of this country need and deserve better. A new report was released detailing the impact Trumpcare would have in Wisconsin, and it’s devastating.

For example, in Madison, a 64-year-old currently pays $1,852 a year through the Affordable Care Act after receiving $5,991 in tax credits, according to a Citizen Action of Wisconsin report. Under Trumpcare, the same person would pay $7,764 a year in premiums after $4,000 in tax credits. That is $5,912 — or more than three times — more, the report says. The Center for American Progress estimated that more than 894,000 people in Wisconsin will lose insurance by 2026 under the bill.

Trumpcare has the enthusiastic support of Governor Walker himself. How can he look Wisconsinites in face and tell then he supports this bill when 15% of Wisconsin could lose insurance? I believe that we must ensure that all Americans can live a healthy life, and that means being able to afford health care without going bankrupt. Apparently Governor Walker has a different perspective.

JFC to hold public hearings

To all my constituents, I invite you to join me in voicing your opinion on Governor Walker’s budget at one of six public hearings. The opportunity is here to voice your concerns and ask your questions to me and my colleagues on the Joint Finance Committee. I stand and fight for you every day, and these discussions are an opportunity for us to unite so that we move Milwaukee and Wisconsin in the right direction.  

1. Monday, April 3 - UW-Platteville, Platteville
2. Wednesday, April 5 - State Fair Park, Milwaukee
3. Friday, April 7 - Berlin High School, Berlin
4. Tuesday, April 18 - Spooner High School, Spooner
5. Wednesday, April 19 - Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth
6. Friday, April 21 - Marinette High School, Marinette

More information regarding the times of the public hearings will be released at a later

Town hall update

On Tuesday Representative Bowen and I held an informational town hall to address the Mid-America barrel reconditioning facility on Cornell St. that for years has allegedly been harming its workers and endangering the environment and nearby residents. We were joined by teamsters from the barrel facility as well as the whistleblower himself who broke the story. We had a great turnout of over 50 constituents who offered their opinions and concerns! These conversations are important for keeping our community informed, and I will continue to keep you up to speed on any future actions we take!




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