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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District

All hat and no cattle

This week we learned that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke will not be Cabinet Secretary for Homeland Security as previously predicted. While it is good news that we will not be handing over the reins of protecting 300 million Americans to a man who has had four people die in his care including a newborn, the danger of Trump placing Clarke in his administration is far from over. President-Elect Trump is expected to reward Sheriff Clarke with some sort of position in his administration. This is unacceptable. Our Sheriff has consistently proven that he is all hat and no cattle. From saying Black Lives Matter was the new KKK, to inciting violence on election day, to utterly failing at his current job as County Sheriff, Clarke has consistently proven he is not adequate for his current job, let alone one on a national scale. Clarke cannot be given more power when he canít properly take care of the people heís responsible for now.

 De-escalation training promising

Too many lives have been lost to officer involved shootings. We must do better by our communities. We must work to keep interactions between the police and the public remain safe for both parties involved. While many ideas have been floated about how to best improve community police relations, I highly recommend law enforcement agencies implement de-escalation training. With this training, we could avoid unnecessary uses of firearms and save lives. If law enforcement officers want citizens to trust them, they must implement policies that are good for the community. De-escalation training is a good place to start.

Nurses now at Hills

Over the last year, more disturbing news about Lincoln Hills has been released. One such piece of news  was the incorrect distribution of medication at the center, which led to one boy being hospitalized. However, unlike other stories that have come out of Lincoln Hills, this one does have a resolution; the facility will now have licensed nurses distribute medication instead of guards. Iíve been pushing for this action for months to make this change happen, and while it should have been implemented ages ago, I am glad to see it in place now.  

Wisconsin maps struck down

A win isnít a win if you cheat. I think this should go without saying. You canít proclaim yourself the true winner if you rig the game in your favor: for someone to truly win, they must do it fair and square. This is a lesson children understand. However, as recently ruled by a federal court, it is not one that the Republican Party of Wisconsin thinks applies to them. The court struck down redistricting maps, declaring the maps were drawn to favor Republicans across the state, turning  34 competitive districts into five. This is not winning fairly; this is shifting the rules to favor you. While we have reclaimed a victory with these maps being declared unconstitutional, itís crucial we speak out against gerrymandering in the future. Cheating to win isnít winning. I hope with this decision that the Republican Party of Wisconsin finally learns that crucial lesson.


Coffee with the Senator

From voicing your concerns about proposed bills to representing your best interests, my job as a senator is to serve my constituents. To do that to the best of my ability, I need to hear from you. During my time as Senator, Iíve heard from over thirty thousand people about how I can represent them in the Senate. Feedback is critical to doing my job and I encourage everyone to get in contact with me if thereís an issue I need to know about. I can be reached by phone, email, and mail. My contact information can be found on my website. However, if you would like to speak with me in person, please feel free to drop by my upcoming community event, Coffee with the Senator this December 15th  from 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM at the Tri City Bank Community Room. Iím happy to speak with you about your concerns.

Weekly call to action:  Lobby Day

Within three years of being released, 30% of WI inmates will end up back behind bars. When we incarcerate someone a second time, it means we failed. Crime doesnít pay; it costs. We spend over $30,000 per prisoner every year. Last June, I was appointed to the Recidivism Reduction Committee, a legislative study committee that brought fellow legislators and members of the public together to brainstorm solutions to reduce recidivism. While we are currently working on proactive solutions and bills to help those exiting corrections, there are ways you can help as well. This Black History month, I hope youíll join me in walking the walk to ensure others have a more successful reentry after prison. The Legislative Black caucus will be featuring a separate issue each week this February. We will focus on criminal justice reform the fourth week of the month and on February 28th we will hold a lobby day at the State Capitol. Like the saying goes, ďTo err is human, to forgive is divine.Ē All of us are capable of making mistakes. Weíre all capable of forgiveness, too. Letís show that to those who are trying to improve their lives.




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Upcoming Events

Coffee With the Senator

Thursday, December 15th

9:30 AM- 10:30 AM

 Tri City Bank Community Room (Lower Level) - 4295 W. Bradley Rd. Brown Deer WI 53209

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 Quote of the Week:

"But, my heart goes out to people on their last leg because the deck is stacked against them. We have it in us to help others, and thatís exactly what we should do."

-Sen. Lena Taylor on reducing recidivism

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