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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District

Milwaukee Community Journal Lifetime Service Award

This Sunday, August 7th, I was honored to receive the Lifetime Service Award from the Milwaukee Community Journal. The award was presented due to my diligence and dedication for the betterment of the Milwaukee community. I am honored for the recognition, but that’s not why I do this work. I want to thank the community, not only for giving me this honor, but for their help throughout my political career. The 101 laws I authored over the past 13 years didn’t write themselves and they didn’t advocate for themselves. I appreciate all the help and support I’ve gotten through the years from both advocates and the media to get the word out about creating positive change for our people. Throughout my life, I’ve tried to do right by others and give a voice to the voiceless. It is humbling to be recognized along with so many other great African American leaders. Thanks again for all of your support.

Gun Violence

Gun violence is an epidemic in America, and Milwaukee is no exception. So far this year, Milwaukee has lost 77 people to violence. 79% of those deaths were caused by gun violence. This is unacceptable. Milwaukee families deserve to feel safe in their own homes and neighborhoods. It’s time for Milwaukee to take a stand, which is why I am glad local officials gathered recently to discuss community solutions for this pressing issue. Their suggested programs, which included a public health model that has shown progress in other cities, hold significant promise. I stand with Milwaukee in their fight to help reduce gun violence and will continue to enact legislative change that will make our communities safer. Everyone deserves to feel safe and the citizens of Milwaukee are no exception.

Walking the Walk Against Walker

We’ve got a lot of politicians who talk big when it comes to standing up against Governor Scott Walker, but many of them back right down when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is.

Not me.

 I saw what Governor Walker was going to do back in 2007, and that’s why I ran against him for county executive. That’s also why I stood right up to him during Act 10 and time and time again since then.

 As the only African American in state history to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee, I have made justice system reforms a cornerstone of my legislative agenda. I have fought for everything, from adequate funding of public defenders to victims rights to data collection for traffic stops to improved law enforcement training to creating the first law in the nation to require an independent review of officer-involved deaths. Much of the change we need I learned about when I took our committee on a statewide tour called the “State of the Justice System Tour.” We held listening sessions throughout Wisconsin, including inside prisons.

 Governor Walker’s first move right out of the gate was to bust up the employee unions in 2011 Act 10 and he did it again this session with so-called “Right to Work.” For me, this fight was a no-brainer. I come from a union family and I know the value of democracy in the workplace. Being a member of the “Wisconsin 14” who left for Illinois to slow down Walker’s legislation was the least I could do for the hundreds of thousands of workers who lost their voice because of the governor.

 I cannot possibly list everything here. That’s why I encourage you to visit and read the 101 bills I’ve helped pass into law. While you’re there, check out the issues section, where I have created a comprehensive list of my work on justice reform, education, workers rights, the environment, women’s rights, economic justice and so much more.

Schools are critical for our babies

Every child deserves access to a quality education. As a product of the public school system myself, I know how important education is to fostering healthy communities. Providing children with the resources they need to learn and grow gives them opportunity to succeed later in life. Knowing this, I have always been an advocate for Milwaukee Pubic Schools. I have opposed voucher programs that would have taken money away from the district, and my work on the State Budget Committee has brought more than $130 million in funding back to Milwaukee County for education.

 Support for our schools is crucial, which is why I disapprove of Representative Kooyenga’s comments this last week that stated “everything on the table” when it comes to MPS reform. While I understand his frustration, how to reform Milwaukee Public Schools is ultimately a decision for Milwaukee elected officials and Milwaukee taxpayers to make.. I hope that together, MPS, County Executive Chris Abele, and whomever is chosen to replace Dr. Means, can forge a plan for MPS that protects Milwaukee taxpayers, keeps MPS funds and teachers within MPS, and prevents MPS from being privatized. We need to encourage this dialogue. Threats to take hasty, dramatic measures are counterproductive to any meaningful conversation about reform.




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 Quote of the Week:

I am glad that several courts have finally acknowledged that restrictive discriminatory voting laws are meant to keep people from exercising their right to vote. These same legislators pledge allegiance to the United States of America and promise liberty and justice for all. Instead, they’ve rigged election laws so Republicans can stay in the majority. These court decisions are a ruling for justice and against racist and discriminatory election laws

-Sen. Lena Taylor after Federal Courts tossed out multiple election laws

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