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4th District

Fitzgerald threatens to cut MPS funding

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald announced that Milwaukee Public Schools could face further budget cuts following the resignation of Opportunity Schools and Partnership Program Commissioner Desmond Means. Means resigned Wednesday citing local resistance to the takeover. This threat to cut funding puts our children in a more precarious position than ever. Under Republican leadership, we saw the biggest cuts to public schools in the history of Wisconsin. Further cutting MPS out of political spite isn’t going to help the kids. Milwaukee students deserve just as much support as the students from Senator Fitzgerald’s district. A zip code should not impact your child’s future to learn and grow. Our schools simply cannot thrive when their funding is constantly in jeopardy.


Abortion restrictions overthrown

Last week, the Supreme Court overthrew a series of Texas laws regulating abortion clinics, citing the regulations as an “undue burden” for a woman to access an abortion. With similar laws in Wisconsin, this ruling is a blow against their constitutionality in the state. Today’s ruling is the victory we’ve been waiting for. By striking down these unjust laws in Texas, SCOTUS has affirmed that women have the right to access these services without imposing and demeaning restrictions. I applaud the court for its firm commitment to keeping abortion safe and legal, and I hope we will continue to see a woman’s right to choose respected and honored.

Voter ID laws support voter suppression

The case against Voter I.D. continues, with progressive groups and voters challenging laws passed under Republican leadership. A ruling in the case is not expected until August. I've said it from the start; this law unfairly burdens poor and minority voters. Instead of restricting the constitutional right to vote, Republicans should answer the call of Democrats and millions around the state by expanding voters’ rights, participation and civic engagement. Without question, our democracy is strongest when the right to vote is not shackled by partisan politics resulting in the disenfranchisement of our citizens, intentionally or unintentionally.


GAB shut down after 8 years

The Government Accountability Board nicknamed the “GAB” ceased operations on June 30, 2016, after eight and a half years of operation. GAB was created in the wake of the Caucus Scandal to replace partisan political appointees with a board of non-partisan retired judges. As the only non-partisan statewide election administration agency in the United States, GAB served as a national benchmark for oversight of elections and ethics. The GAB was disbanded by Governor Scott Walker and Legislative Republicans, despite support from 62 percent of Wisconsinites who still believe in nonpartisan election administration. This is a serious blow to the integrity of our elections, and a troubling development given recent news on disenfranchisement in the state.




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Rising Sun Camp 2016

     July 10 - 15

Solomon Community Temple United Methodist Church

3295 N Dr. Martin Luther King Dr, Milwaukee Wisconsin 53212    

Camp for children ages 10-14 who have one or both parents incarcerated. Contact Afi Dobbins at for more information.

National Night Out

August 2nd: 4pm-8pm at Lincoln Park Pavilion

Join me for free food, live music, giveaways, community resources and fun & games for the whole family! See more details here!



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Let us have no more moments of silence and only moments of action. If we don’t, the blood is on the hands of Congress.

-Representative Mark Pocan on gun control measures.

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