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4th District

Coach Rob Jeter Fired from UWM

This past week, the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee made a seemingly abrupt decision to fire Coach Rob Jeter.  This is a man that has dedicated well over a decade to our athletic program. During his time as coach, he led the Panthers through the conference tournament championship in 2013-14, conference regular season champion in 2010-11 and seven winning seasons. More than that, he is a leader in the community. Coach Jeter held the position of Campus Chair of the State Employees Combined Campaign and is always keeping a constant focus on community outreach.  He also was the only senior administrator of color in the Athletics Department. Only 33% of currently enrolled freshman at UWM are students of color, and only 18.1% are student athletes of color.  The blatant under representation of people of color both in the administration and in the student body is something that cannot be ignored.   Further, I feel that Amanda Braun, the current athletic director, has had a hit out for him since she took up her position. I do hope that UWM can make the inclusion of people of color a larger focus in the future and not allow great people like Coach Jeter to be let go. I am certain he will be missed by many.

Work Left Undone

Only in politics are you paid to not finish the job.  With session ending last Tuesday, that is exactly what happened. We had several big issues to deal with and they were abandoned without resolution.  I would like to quickly bring these issues to your attention.  The first bill that went untouched was for the legalization of the medicinal use of CBD oil, which saw nearly unanimous support in committee. The use of this oil would benefit children who suffer from chronic seizures.  Unfortunately, Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald blocked a vote.  Next, is an issue that hits very close to home for me: lead poisoning in the drinking water of Milwaukee. There are 70,000 lead pipes lying under the streets of Milwaukee.  8.6% of our children tested positive for elevated lead levels, compared to almost half that in Flint, Michigan! Getting the lead out of our water is a duty of both the city and state that is being cruelly neglected. Our next disregarded issue concerns the roughly one million Wisconsinites that face extreme levels of student loan debt.  This is a national issue but here in Wisconsin something needs to be done. You can refinance car loans and mortgages, so, why not student loan debt? It makes absolutely no sense. Another large group of people in Wisconsin that should have seen our help are the ex-offenders who are looking to work. There is a prevailing issue of people being released from prison looking to re-enter society as productive members only to be turned away. The unfortunate result is we end up seeing many of these people return back to prison.  A person is 3 times less likely to end up back in prison if they have a job for one year. I also had several bills dealing with gun violence that Senator Fitzgerald had left on the table.  Deaths due to gun violence are tragic, senseless, and avoidable as I have said many times before. It is a shame that they could not find a way to prioritize these matters. This legislative session will go down in history as one of the least beneficial to Wisconsinites.

Former Rep. Tamara Grigsby will be missed dearly

It is with a heavy heart that I mourn the passing of former State Representative Tamara Grigsby.  So enamored by her passion and commitment to the well-being of Milwaukee's children, I was proud that she was my successor in the Assembly. Quickly immersing herself in the Assembly, Tamara's catalytic work lives on in the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and Wisconsin's Young Star program.  Working alongside her, in an effort to place juvenile corrections within DCF, she foresaw the problems we are experiencing at Lincoln Hills today. Tamara personified everything we need in our public servants. Wisconsin children and families have lost a fierce voice in the passing of former Rep. Tamara Grigsby.





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