Taylor Ready to Bring Finance Committee into Work to Create Jobs

(MADISON) Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee, today expressed her disappointment in the latest jobs numbers released by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD).  DWD today pointed out that the state has lost 13,200 jobs in the month of June and the jobless rate rose to 7 percent, up from 6.8 percent in May.  This report stands in clear contrast to the claims of the administration that their efforts have been successful.

“After losing 13,000 jobs in one month, Wisconsin citizens cannot wait nor afford excuses about why jobs are not being created in Wisconsin,” Taylor commented. “I am ready to bring to the Joint Finance Committee to work to pass bills and put funding in worker retraining.  This is money that is needed to get people back to work in fields where employers are desperately searching for skilled workers.  We can and must do more for jobs NOW.”

The job loss report comes on the heels of major staff moves at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation by the Governor and the resignation of a GOP state senator.  Taylor noted that with such a lack of stability from these moves, Wisconsin needs the Legislature to come together and provide solid plans for moving forward and creating jobs.

“It’s time for the Assembly leadership to sit down with the Senate and call the Legislature back to work.  Today’s news is all that is needed to know that efforts thus far have not worked and more is needed.  When you add in the instability of the changes at WEDC and in the Senate, Wisconsin citizens need us to show that we have a solid plan, which the Senate does, to fund worker retraining and get people back into paychecks rather unemployment checks.” Taylor concluded.

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