Unity Caucus to lead hearing on police reform

(Madison) -A public hearing to be chaired by members of the Unity Caucus will now also include the participation of the Milwaukee Police & Fire Commission. Representatives from the Unity Caucus will include Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), Common Council President Willie Hines, Alderwoman Milele Coggs and Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Representative Leon Young, Alderman Joe Davis, Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo, among others. Last week, the Unity Caucus announced the hearing in response to the reinstatement of a police officer who assaulted a restrained woman in his custody. According to Senator Taylor, “enough is enough.”

The Unity Caucus believes this hearing to be an opportunity for the Commission to explain the issues they have identified in law enforcement, as well as what they have done and what they intend to do to address those issues. Specifically, the Unity Caucus has asked the Commission to detail their plans of oversight and training for officers of the Milwaukee Police Department, what they’ve done, and the next steps on the horizon to address the community’s concerns. Just as importantly, we ask the Commission about its outreach to citizens, while the community offers suggestions to expand outreach.

We will get information on the term schedules for current members and when they will be up for re­appointment. Also, we will receive information on the committee’s two currently vacant seats and Mayor Barrett’s plans to appoint individuals to those seats. The public is highly encouraged to attend this hearing to share feedback on both the MPD and the Commission, especially on the pros and cons of restructuring or eliminating the Commission.


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