Law Ignores Demand for Wisconsin Jobs and Workers
(MADISON) Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), Senate Ranking Member on the Joint Committee on Finance, issued the following statement on job creation rhetoric surrounding the mining bill at the Joint Committee on Finance meeting today.
“The new draft of the mining permit bill once again ignores job creation for Wisconsin workers and the unemployed.  The rhetoric of the Republicans does not meet with fact.  In all 22 points of the Vos/Darling motion on mining permits, not once is job creation guaranteed in the law. 
There are no requirements stating the majority of jobs are to be filled by Wisconsin citizens.  There is no requirement that any job promises or agreements with labor continue with any company that may purchase the mining rights. 
Instead of investing in training for unemployed workers in the technical school system, the Republicans invest training dollars in high-schools through CESAs.  While it is great to educate kids for skilled labor, the focus must be on the parents and adults who are struggling to put food on the table. 
There is just simply no binding attribute of the law applied to job creation.  This bill remains a deregulation effort with zero guarantee of jobs for Wisconsin workers, labor, or taxpayers.”

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