May 3, 2011



   Republicans choose license plate stickers over public health programs, library funding, & transit

(MADISON)  Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), Senate Ranking Member of the Joint Committee of Finance, today decried the actions of the Republican Party to cut funding in public health programs including community health centers and HIV/AIDS services.  On other matters, Taylor noted the Republican majority rubberstamped the Walker plan that threatens funding of libraries and adopted plans proposed by the Governor to reduce funding to bike trail improvements, intercity bus services, and local transit options. 

“Budgets are written by making choices,” Taylor commented after the meeting.  “Today was an example of the Republicans making a decision to make deep cuts to proven public health systems, to threaten funding of libraries, and to cut funding bicycling trail aids.  These decisions when highlighted with the budget’s increased spending on concrete for roads are devastating to the basic needs of Wisconsin citizens.  This budget should be concentrated on the kitchen table needs of working families, not the payoffs demanded by big contributors to campaigns.”

Today the committee voted to cut funding or rejected funding motions to:

  • AIDS/HIV Services
  • Community Health Centers
  • Rural Dental Services
  • Dental Services
  • Tobacco Control Grants
  • Minority Health Grants
  • Library Funding
  • Bicycle Trail Improvement Funding
  • Southeast Wisconsin Transit Capital Program

“Ultimately the GOP is choosing to ignore the very needs of the citizens they represent.  Wisconsin cannot afford a budget of broken promises and bad choices that will threaten our economic and social future.  Now is the time for legislative Republicans to make major changes to the Walker budget to stop the senseless attacks on working families’ concerns.”  Taylor concluded.


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