April 4, 2007

Bush Administration Turns Its Back On Wisconsin Seniors

SeniorCare abandoned in favor of Medicare Part D

Madison – Wisconsin State Senator Lena C. Taylor today expressed disappointment in the decision by the Bush Administration to deny Wisconsinites the popular and cost effective SeniorCare program. The action means that over 100,000 Wisconsinites will have to apply for the confusing, costly and inadequate Medicare Part D.

“Over the past months, Governor Doyle, the State Legislature and the Congressional Delegation have worked together to present a strong case for the continuation of SeniorCare,” said Senator Taylor. “This decisions shows how out-of-touch the Bush Administration is on yet another issue – affordable prescription drugs for seniors.”

Senator Taylor rejected the outlandish claims made by the Bush Administration that Wisconsin did not adequately back up its proposal for continuation. She cited the efforts by Senator Kohl, Sen. Feingold, the entire congressional delegation, repeated visits to Washington D.C. by Doyle Administration officials and the Governor’s own testimony in front of the U.S. Congress.

“I think the American people are tired of the excuses and finger pointing by the Bush Administration,” continued Taylor. “It’s hard for me to believe anything they say when they have lied again and again to the American people.”

A recent study conducted by AARP had shown that 94% of eligible Wisconsinites would do better on SeniorCare than on Medicare Part D. Another major concern is eligibility. Currently, Wisconsin has the 3rd highest number of applicants rejected by the Part D program. Those applicants WOULD be covered by SeniorCare; however based on Bush’s decision those seniors will now be without assistance.

“It is clear that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was unwilling to embrace Wisconsin’s successful prescription drug program, despite the negative reviews of the cumbersome Medicare Part D system,” concluded Taylor. “It’s just sad that so many Wisconsin Seniors will suffer because of the Bush Administrations inability to admit their error and unwillingness to save money and serve our seniors.”

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