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Week of May 7-May 12th

Dear Friend,

There is a lot happening at the State Capitol and it is my hope that this email will help you stay in touch with your government. As your Senator, I truly believe in public service. If there is anything my office can do to assist you, please feel free to contact us.

Here to serve,      

Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District


No Summer Break Wednesday, I spoke with Legislative Council attorneys to establish the goals of this summer’s Study Committee on Child Placement and Support. These committees are created every other summer to review specific issues that have been found to exist under current law and may need to be addressed with legislation. As a member of the committee, I will have the opportunity to work with fellow legislators and community members. I was appointed Vice-Chair of the Committee in April. Since that time, I have heard from various organizations, to include End Domestic Abuse-Wisconsin, Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families, and the Wisconsin Child Support Enforcement Association, that are interested in the issues of Child Placement and Support. Issues related to equal placement, how domestic abuse orders should be factor into placement decisions, and even how Child Support is calculated are already being discussed by proponents and opponents of such measures. I am looking forward to the work of the committee and encourage you to contact my office with any ideas or suggestions you may have on this subject.


1.      The Hard Work Paid Off     Thursday, I visited the students of Banner Preparatory School in Milwaukee to congratulate them on their graduation and offer some words of encouragement as they move on to the next stage of their life. I think people often forget how much pressure there is on young people.  In my remarks I talked about dreaming big and the fact that they needed to “Do Something” to create the lives they wanted.  Many of these students have worked hard to graduate and I wanted them to know it was just the first step.  While observing the interactions between the students, faculty, and parents, I felt a tremendous amount of respect for them all. This was clearly a caring and determined group of people committed to see these young people succeed.

In In my Madison office, I also want to say congratulations to Zachary Benson (December 2017), Aidan McMorrow, Cherui Chew, and Simon Roca, who are all graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this weekend. 


 Back to School

This week I talked with parents and members of the Shorewood School Board, along with Rep. Bowen on current legislation and initiates impacting education.  As a result of the School Safety Package of bills signed by the legislature in March, many schools have discussed how this affects them.  As a reminder the package established the Office of School Safety under the Wisconsin Department of Justice, created a $100 million School Safety Grant Program under the Office of School Safety, required mandatory reporting of threats of school violence by pupils or other persons, and various other school safety plan requirements.  It was good to hear from both the board, parents and students what they would like to see happening in the Capitol. 


Growing Healthy Soil Workshop weekend, I am excited to have the opportunity to attend one of the Growing Healthy Soil Workshops being conducted by Walnut Way Conservation Corp. It’s an exciting chance to practice some hands on Urban Agriculture and remind others why I am so passionate about my LOVE&FAITH Initiative. At the workshop we’ll be learning about some of the ways to reduce hazards from contaminants as well as testing some soil samples and talking about some special topics in gardening. Not only is Urban Agriculture a great way to instill good values in our children and practice a healthy lifestyle, it’s also a great way to enjoy the spring weather and get involved in a new hobby that comes with countless benefits.



Crossing the Line Event Wednesday night, I went to Nicolet High School to support students and see “Crossing the Line”, a traveling display from the Wisconsin Historical Society that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Milwaukee Fair Housing Marches in 1967 - 1968. The marches for open housing began in the summer of 1967 and last for more than 200 consecutive days. Among its organizers was a young Alderwoman named Vel Phillips. Even though the Fair Housing Marchers were often outnumbered by counter protestors, they persisted to march day after day, in the face of harassment, to seek housing justice in Milwaukee. A very special moment came when Fred Reed, an original marcher who served as a “commando” – someone who formed a barrier around the protestors to protect them – gave the keynote speech.  I had a “this-is-why-we-keep-fighting” moment when I realized that many students were talking about “Evicted”, an award winning book by a Harvard sociologist Matthew Desmond.  “Evicted” discusses the ways that poverty and segregation still play into unfair housing practices in Milwaukee.  Sadly, many of the students talked about segregated neighborhoods and schools.  They questioned whether the issue would ever be resolved.  I felt hopeful, because as long as the questions are being raised, we are thinking about the issue and ideas to better our communities.



YOUth EmpowHERment Event Saturday, I will be stopping by the YOUth EmpowHERment Day hosted by the YOUth EmpowHERment Network. The purpose of the event is to connect African American women with young women in the community and inspire them to become the best version of themselves. Women from a variety of paths are coming together to discuss the obstacles and opportunities they have had along their journey.  The organization believes that each generation should uplift the next one by taking an active role in empowering them. I look forward to sharing my story, connecting with the young women of Milwaukee, and letting them know that hard work can get you anywhere.






Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association Meeting



In addition to the Study Committee on Child Placement and Support, I was appointed as a Vice-Chair to the Study Committee on Investment and Use of School Trust Funds. Each of these appointments provides a fantastic opportunity to tackle a relevant issue as well as bring interested stakeholders into the process.

As a part of the committee work, my staff got to hear from members of the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association to discuss in depth some of the current law that will be important to understand as the committee moves forward. Most importantly, they discussed the Wisconsin's Common School Fund, a fund that was created in our state's constitution in 1848 in order to provide educational resources to the schools across our state. Alot of those resources are secured through the revenue the state gains from fees, fines, and forfeitures as well as investments from the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands. It was great to hear from the individuals representing WEMTA and I sincerely look forward to seeing what kind of insight they can bring to the future of the Study Committee on Investment of School Trust Funds. If this is an area of interest for you as well, please don’t hesitate to contact my office.



Community Action Alerts


Project Clean & Green Zone 4 Pick-Ups:  May 14-18

Dear City of Milwaukee Zone 4 residents:

Your Project Clean & Green pick-up week is next week – May 14-18.

Zone 4 residents should place your unwanted bulky items such as furniture, mattresses, household items, yard and garden waste, brown paper-bagged grass clippings, tree trimmings and leaves, and up to five (5) tires at your regular garbage collection point – either the curb or alley line – on your regular garbage collection day.

DPW crews will pick up these items at no charge during your Clean & Green week only.

Not sure if you are a Zone 4 resident? Zone 4 comprises PARTS of Aldermanic Districts 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, &15. Please check the attached map or go to to find your correct Zone and garbage pick-up date. You can also call (414) 286-CITY (-2489).

Not sure what DPW will and will not pick up? Go to the website or call 286-CITY.

Zone 3: Project Clean & Green collections continue this week – May 7-11 – in your neighborhoods. Find information on your collection date on the DPW website or call 286-CITY.

If you miss your Clean & Green collection date, residents can take unwanted items to one of the City’s two Drop-Off Centers. For Drop-Off Center information, go to our website, or call 286-CITY.

Thank you for participating in Project Clean & Green 2018!




Events and Opportunities


Youth Behavioral Health and Wellness Summit

   Saturday, May 19th    12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Italian Community Center
631 E. Chicago St
Milwaukee, WI 53202


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Native Wildflower Hike


Saturday, May 12th
10:00 am

Retzer Nature Center

 S14W28167 Madison St.
Waukesha, WI 53188

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Mother's Day hostey by Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens


Sunday, May 13th
10:00 am


Boerner Botanical Gardens

9400 Boerner Drive

 Hales Corners , WI 53130


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A Year in the Wilderness

Monday, May 14th 
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Urban Ecology Center
1500 E Park Place, Milwaukee, WI 53211


For More Info


Big Brother Big Sisters  mentor2.0 Informational Session

Wednesday, May 16th
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Veritas High School
3025 West Oklahoma Avenue,
Milwaukee, WI 53215

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Make Your Own Kombucha

Saturday, May 19th
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Northern Brewer
1306 S 108th Street,
Milwaukee WI 53214

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Saturday, May 19th
9:30 am - 11:00 am

Veterans Park
1010 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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 Quote of the Week:

"I'm still Senator Taylor. I still represent the 4th District. I still will be fighting for women. I still will be fighting for the people in my community."

-Senator Lena C. Taylor


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