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4th District

Improving Juvenile Justice

Our kids need help, plain and simple. While I know our juvenile offenders might not be the first to elicit sympathy in some minds, itís important to remember that they arenít hardened criminals, they are vulnerable children. Period. They deserve our sympathies, no matter what theyíve done, because odds are, the reasons they wound up committing crimes are complex. Nobodyís born a criminal. With the horrific news constantly pouring out of Lincoln Hills, itís clearer than ever that weíve failed our juvenile offenders. We need clear solutions that help rehabilitate these kids, and treat their pain. Thereís a number of steps we could be taking to help our kids. From transferring juveniles out of adult prisons, to ending solitary, to looking into alternative programs we can help give our kids a second chance. There must be a better way to help our troubled youth than locking them away.  

Graduation Gap among African Americans

Graduating high school is a tremendous accomplishment. Kids who graduate are more likely to go onto college, and even those who donít go to college are more likely to be more successful than their peers who did not graduate high school. In Wisconsin, we have the 6th highest rate of graduating our students in the nation. This would be cause for celebration if not for a disparity that comes along with that statistic: we also hold the highest gap in graduation between White students and African Americans. This is unacceptable. In light of this news, we should consider reforms to help our African American students graduate at the same rate as their peers. We need to investigate the reason for this gap in the first place to pinpoint places we could help. Everyone deserves the chance to receive a diploma.

CPR training now in Schools

Recently, the American Heart Association granted $75,000 worth of supplies to help teach hands only CPR in Wisconsin Schools. This comes after a bill passed last session that required all Wisconsin schools to teach CPR training to their students between 7th and 12th grade. This is a great step forward. Heart disease is one of the largest killers in the United States. By teaching our young people how to use CPR, not only do we raise the chance of saving lives, we also empower them to be active responders in emergency situations. I am glad to hear our students will have the proper supplies to learn how to do so.

Absentee ballots have new deadline

Voting is a constitutional right. Itís your right as an American citizen to go out and make your voice heard. Voting is the best way to make the change in your community that you want to see. With the coming election, itís important to make sure you know everything you need to vote. One piece of information is the new absentee ballot law. Instead of ballots having to be postmarked by election day, they must now be in by election day instead. Ballots also need a witness and an address to be counted. If you plan on voting absentee, make sure that your ballot is in the mail so it will get there in time, and make sure to overview the regulations as well. Your vote matters. Make sure it counts.




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 Quote of the Week:

"There was no emergency. Act 23 is the emergency."

-One Wisconsin Institute and other plaintiffs writing on Wisconsin Voter ID

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