Senator Taylor Proudly Supports Her Second Wave of Expungement Reform in Wisconsin

(MADISON) - Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) joined the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety to express her support for a bill circulating in the legislature relating to expungement reform in Wisconsin.  Senator Taylor’s history with expungement reform dates back to 2008 when she led the reform with Representative Grigsby and now Assembly Speaker Robin Vos during finance.

Under current law, at the time of sentencing, a court may allow a person’s criminal record to be expunged if the person is eligible and under 25.  The new reforms would remove both the age and the time of sentencing requirements. She made the following statement about this bill:

“These commonsense bipartisan reforms will help people reclaim their lives, enter the workforce, and avoid discrimination and collateral consequences that their criminal record can cause even after they’ve served their sentence and became a productive and contributing member of society.  I’m proud to stand in support of the next step in expungement reform with SB 39.”




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