Senator Taylor Responds to Governor’s Exorbitant Use of Taxpayer Money

(MADISON) – Earlier today, One Wisconsin Now held a press conference in which they released data detailing Governor Scott Walker’s usage of the state plane between September 2015 and April 2018.

During that time, Governor Walker took 869 flights costing taxpayers $818,497. 29 of those flights covered distances under 40 miles.

In response to the news of the Governor’s exorbitant use of taxpayer money, Senator Lena Taylor released the following statement:

“So Governor Walker can be conservative, to the point of harming critical services and communities.  But when it comes to his use of state funds to suit his own purposes, like taking a flight from Madison to Milwaukee for a haircut, somehow that is okay? I wonder how many ham sandwich photo ops were taken in that plane...”

“Seriously, it doesn’t get more hypocritical than this.  Well, maybe Trump using taxpayer funds to visit his private properties nearly every weekend qualifies.  Birds of a feather...”



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