Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Talgo Train Manufacturing to
Come to Tower Automotive Site

Taylor applauds decision, sees manufacturing location as key to jobs, transit expansion

(MADISON)  Senator Lena C Taylor today rejoiced at the decision of Talgo, the Spanish train manufacturer, to set-up shop on the former Tower Automotive Site on Milwaukee’s northside.  The company chose Milwaukee over other sites in Wisconsin and will provide hundreds of jobs and be a key player in transit expansion in the Milwaukee metro area.

“While I could not join Governor Doyle at the announcement today due to the Senate floor session, I am overwhelmed at this major announcement for Milwaukee and this region,” Taylor exclaimed.  “Talgo’s decision to locate manufacturing operations in Milwaukee will not only added needed jobs to the community but will also accelerate the proposed 30th street rail corridor, which will extend train service to Milwaukee’s northside.  After months of partisan bombs coming at the administration for rail expansion, Milwaukee will see the wisdom and benefit of expanding this service, including reduced cost for our own trains.”

Talgo was contracted early this year to provide rail cars for existing passenger rail service in Wisconsin.  With the decision to come to Milwaukee, it appears that original plans to be an assembly only plant may have changed and American made parts may be included in the manufacturing facility.  In addition, in choosing Milwaukee, Talgo is now located along the great “Empire Builder” rail line and can supply cars to the entire Midwest, Western Mountain states, and the Pacific northwest.  Oregon has agreed to purchase trains as well   

“In the last year and most notably in the last month, Milwaukee has become a hub of passenger rail service,” Taylor noted.  “Like the center of a spoke wheel, good things, including jobs, will come out of Milwaukee and flow back into our city.  Within Milwaukee, the location on the city’s northside will increase minority participation in the rail industry and hopefully expand service to our entire city.”

The Tower Automotive Site is located on the city’s northside between Townsend St and Capitol Drive and 35th Street and Hopkins St.  Surrounding neighborhoods include Roosevelt Grove, Franklin Heights, Garden Homes, and Rufus King.  The land has been under redevelopment by the city with the assistance of a state grant.

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