November 15, 2010


School Funding Reform Includes Major Wins for Milwaukee

Taylor Applauds Plans’ Focus on High-Poverty Districts

(MADISON)  Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement today upon the announcement of the “Fair Funding For Our Future” school funding reform proposal by Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers.

“Education is a moral obligation and constitutional right.  After leading the fight to create High Poverty aid, and then leading fight after fight to maintain it during budget deliberations, this new formula would address one of the leading challenges in districts across the state - the effects of poverty in the classroom."

“High poverty aid in school funding formula will create base funding for all children and then automatically increase aid by 20% for every student who meets the poverty standard.  For Milwaukee Public Schools this is projected to provide an estimated $32 million dollars or a 5% increase in funding over current levels.  With the right implementation, Wisconsin can move our future in the right direction.  The state's economic engine, Milwaukee, and its children are the big winners in this scenario.” 

“Hats off to Superintendent Evers for his commitment to real reform by focusing his changes on what counts in education funding.  Evers inclusion of poverty aid directly in the formula is a foundational change that the new legislative majority and executive should embrace.  What remains to be seen is the will of those coming into power to embrace this real meaningful school funding reform.”

“Without hesitation, I pledge to work with any leader who embraces the inclusion of this targeted education funding change, and works to ensure that it meets our children in the classroom to produce need growth our educational outcomes, especially among children in poverty and children of color.”


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