October 14, 2011

Governor Walker to Hold Special Jobs Session

By Senator Lena C. Taylor

Governor Walker has announced a second legislative session on jobs to be held on Oct. 19. Among the list of job creating legislation is SB-171, a bill I authored concerning the cost of mass transit. The bill provides an income tax exemption to employers purchasing bus passes for employees. The tax break ultimately covers the cost of transportation for individuals travelling to work. It is important that we protect and tap into this sector that not only caters to communities but also has the potential to boost jobs on a local level. I believe SB-171 is very positive step towards job creation and I hope Governor Walker makes an effort to see this bill become law.    

We will see if Walker’s inclusion of my bill, along with many others, does in fact attempt to pursue a bi-partisan jobs agenda. Now is the time for Wisconsin legislators to come together and see the state through this tough economic time. As a legislator myself, I believe that we can pass legislation that benefits both the working class and Wisconsin as a whole. I hope to see similar bi-partisan initiatives from the governor and Republicans in the future. Now is the time for change. Let’s support Wisconsin job creation together. 

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