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4th District

Childhood obesity awareness week the State Senate passed my resolution making September Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Resolutions affirm the position of the entire Senate and this week, the Senate took a stand against childhood obesity. One in three American children is obese. We should all be aware early poor eating and exercise habits often carry into adulthood. Currently, Wisconsin has a 30 percent obesity rate—a statistic we should strive to lower. In addition to the physical complications of obesity, obese children are at a greater risk for depression, low self-esteem and negative body image which is why I authored this resolution. Awareness of childhood obesity makes the healthy bodies and the healthy minds of our children a priority.

Suicide prevention month addition to the resolution I wrote regarding childhood obesity awareness, I also authored a resolution naming September Suicide Prevention Month that was passed this week. Recently a story on the news about young people taking their own lives really hit home for me, particularly the story of Cameron Langrell, a 15-year-old freshman at Holick High School who hung herself in May prompted me to take action. Although it is too late to save Cameron and the many other young people who have taken their livee, 7 kids and young adults so far in Wisconsin this year, my resolution to raise awareness and increase prevention measures addresses the terrible phenomenon of suicide in children and adolescents, seen in Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee counties across all races and backgrounds. I believe very strongly in encouraging and supporting youth, both locally in our state and nationally, and if suicide is one of my opponents in this aim I am committed to fighting it. Starting with Suicide Prevention Month.

Voter registration event this Tuesday join me for National Voter Registration Day Saturday September 22 at the Clinton Rose Center in Milwaukee from 4-7pm. I am hosting a voter registration event and I would love to see you there. Those who came before us had to fight for the right to vote and thus, it is now our job to continue the struggle for equality. This event will assist voters in navigating and registering under Wisconsin’s unnecessarily stringent voter ID laws imposed by Governor Walker. Let’s not let these laws keep voters away from the polls, come to the Clinton Rose Center on Tuesday to get registered!

Additionally, if you are interest in helping register voters at this event we'd love your help. You would need to attend one of two Special Registration Deputy Training sessions on Monday September 21st: 2pm at Wisconsin Voices, 633 S. Hawley Rd or 6pm at Peace Action Wisconsin 1001 E. Keefe Ave. Thanks in advance for your help and interest in the American right to vote.

 Black Lens returns to Milwaukee Film Festival am delighted that the annual Milwaukee Film Festival has announced the return of the Black Lens program which features work from both emerging and established African-American filmmakers. The festival runs from September 24-October 8 with Black Lens programming throughout. This year’s films address topics that have come to national attention from American Ballet Theater’s first female principle dancer, to issues of race in an examination of police shootings of black men in 90s era Cincinnati, to issues of identity in the story of a young African-American woman who passes for white as a child.

Programmer of Black Lens, Geraud Blans, aims to “present films that not only expose viewers to black filmmakers they might not already know but also films that explore issues and raise questions that are often not addressed by other filmmakers.” This event promises good, thought-provoking, relevant art, right here in our own community.




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Community Events:

Black Male Collaborative 300 Strong! rally:Saturday September 26th, 12-4pm Washington Park Bandshell, Milwaukee.

2012 Milwaukee National College FairSunday September 27th 12-3pm Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee. Click here for more info.

Lincoln Park Fall Weed-out Saturday September 26th 9am-noon. For info on this weed-out and other upcoming weed-outs in area parks, click here.

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault Celebrates 30th Anniversary: Saturday September 26th, 7-10pm Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison. More details, here.


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