The Legislative Human Resources Office (LHRO) is nonpartisan and serves both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature.

The LHRO provides the following services:

  • Conducts human resources (HR) orientations for incoming legislators/employees;
  • Manages payroll & benefit administration (including processing monthly payrolls and coordinating new employee/yearly benefit open enrollment);
  • Processes (and answers questions related to) family and medical leave (FMLA) requests, military leave requests, and USERRA processing;
  • Processes (and answers questions related to) reasonable accommodation requests;
  • Processes (and answers questions related to) harassment/discrimination/retaliation/bullying formal complaints or informal concerns;
  • Receives and coordinates worker's compensation claims;
  • Oversees risk management compliance;
  • Aids offices with recruitment needs (e.g., creating/editing job announcements, posting job announcements online, creating/editing interview questions, etc.);
  • Aids offices with performance management and disciplinary needs (e.g., creating/editing employee performance reviews, consultation/advice related to employee performance management and disciplinary concerns, etc.);
  • Produces all required monthly, quarterly and annual reports (required for various state and federal entities);
  • Produces year-end individual tax information for employees; and,
  • Assists employees with HR questions/needs during all phases of employment.

33 E. Main Street, Suite 229
Madison, WI 53703

Amanda Jorgenson, HR Director
Dana Dykema, Deputy HR Director
Mark Kaeppel, Payroll & Benefits Liaison
Heidi Sarnow, HR Section Chief
Lisa Maffet, HR Section Chief
Beth Koerber, HR Specialist Senior
Judy Duggan, HR Specialist Senior
Lisa Runge, Training Officer
Joye Monroe, Assistant

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