Forward Together


Advancing Wisconsin Priorities:

"Wisconsin Democrats are focused on values that put families, workers and communities first."




“Legislative Democrats want to address the challenges facing families, students, and seniors. Together, we can make Wisconsin a place where the next generation wants to
live, work, and raise a family."






Affordable Health Care

As Republicans continue to play politics and attack the Affordable Care Act, Families across Wisconsin continue to deal with rising out-of-pocket health care costs. Democrats are fighting to lower the cost of health care for Wisconsin families across the state.

  • Lower the Cost of Private Insurance by Expanding Medicaid
  • Reduce the Cost of Prescription Drugs
  • Protect Families from Surprise Medical Bills
  • Expand Opioid Treatment Options
  • Increase Access to Women’s Health Care




Expand Education Opportunities

Great public schools don’t just lead to better outcomes and more opportunities for students - they are the heart of every local community and a key driving force for economic success. Democrats are fighting to reestablish Wisconsin’s reputation as a leader in K-12 and higher education.

  • Increase Special Education Funding
  • Expand Access to Early Child Education like Full Day 4-k
  • Make Higher Education more Affordable by Expanding Needs Based Financial Aid
  • Tackle the Rising Cost of Student Loan Debt
  • Ensure Rural Schools Receive their Fair Share
  • Help Families Save for College




Clean Drinking Water

Communities across Wisconsin face challenges that threaten public health due to contaminated drinking water. Democrats are committed to strengthening clean water protections for all Wisconsinites.

  • Assistance for Homeowners to Fix Contaminated Wells
  • Replace Lead Pipes to Ensure Clean Drinking Water
  • Limit Runoff Pollution from Large Industrial Farms
  • Prevent Toxic PFAS Contamination
  • Promote sustainable water management practices for family farms




Financial Stability

While the economy is working well for some, more and more people in Wisconsin feel like it is not working for them. Paid family leave, a living wage, and affordable child care are basic needs for working families, and Wisconsin Democrats have solutions for families who are feeling stretched too thin.

  • Raise the Minimum Wage
  • Increase Access to Affordable Child Care
  • Cut Taxes for Working Families
  • Paid Family Leave to Care for a Child or Sick Relative
  • Enforce Our Equal Pay Laws for Working Women
  • Safeguard a Secure Retirement



Hometown Success

Republican economic policies are negatively impacting dairy farms and rural communities. Democrats are working to expand economic opportunities by ensuring main street businesses and farmers stay competitive in a global market.

  • Improve Rural Broadband Access
  • Close the Dark Store Loophole
  • Support Start-up Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Family Farmers
  • Oppose Unfair Tariffs on Wisconsin Farmers and Businesses



Criminal Justice Reform

Wisconsin needs smarter reforms to lower recidivism, reduce penalties for nonviolent offenses, increase public safety, and save taxpayers money.

  • Reform Marijuana Laws
  • Keep Juveniles out of the Adult Prison System
  • Address the Racial Disparities in our Criminal Justice System



Safe Communities

Lawmakers have an obligation to do everything possible to make sure people feel safe where they attend school, run errands, or go out to eat with their friends and families. While Republicans refuse to take meaningful action, Wisconsin Democrats are working hard to protect the people of our state.

  • Implement Universal Background Checks on all Firearm Purchases
  • Keep Firearms out of the hands of Those Who Would Harm Themselves or Others
  • Reinstate the 48-Hour Waiting Period to Prevent Suicides and Protect Domestic Abuse Survivors




Democracy for All

Our democracy is strongest when everyone is allowed to participate in free, open, and accessible elections. Democrats want to expand voting rights and ensure all eligible voters have the opportunity to cast their ballot.

  • Create Non-Partisan Redistricting Process
  • Improve Election Security
  • Implement Automatic Voter Registration
  • Reform our Campaign Finance System