Visit the State Capitol
The Wisconsin State Capitol is a beautiful and historic building - arguably one of the most impressive capitol buildings in the country. It celebrated its 100th year of continuous use in 2017. Over that long span, it has been witness to extraordinary events in our state's history. It is open to the public and we encourage you to stop by and visit your legislators if you decide to explore the capitol. Capitol tours can be arranged by visiting the Capitol Tour website or by calling (608) 266-0382.

How a Bill Becomes a Law
Ever wondered how an idea - say, raising the speed limit - becomes Wisconsin law? Check out this overview of the legislative process.

What Does That Word Mean?
There are a lot of terms and phrases used in the Legislature that seem strange. Check out the Glossary of Legislative Terms and learn to speak like a lawmaker.

Who Is My Legislator?
Wisconsinites are fortunate to have 63 Republicans representing them in the Assembly. You can use this map to find who serves as your voice in Madison.

U.S. & Wisconsin Constitution
Refresh your memory on our country’s and our state’s founding documents here.