October 12, 2023
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Rep. Adam Neylon (608) 237-9198


Rep. Neylon Votes to Protect Children

Pewaukee – Today State Representative Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) issued the following statement after supporting legislation to protect children from harmful medical procedures:

“I was pleased to support Assembly Bill 465, which protects our children from gender transition medical intervention. While this bills opponents say it harms transgender children, it does just the opposite, by protecting them from changing their bodies at the most vulnerable, confusing and turbulent time of their lives. I believe an adult should be able to transition if they choose, but it is the duty of society to protect children from errors in judgement that all children make.

“Kids can’t vote, use alcohol or tobacco, buy a car or a lottery ticket, join the military or sign a contract because they’re not mature enough to handle the responsibilities of those decisions. Why then, would we consider allowing a child to change their gender at a time when we don’t allow them to change their names; we would allow them to get puberty blockers, hormone treatments and mastectomies when we don’t allow them to get a tattoo.”