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I'm State Representative Elijah Behnke, serving Wisconsin’s 89th Assembly District. I have spent nearly my whole life in or around the 89th district. I was born in Oconto Falls, graduated from Oconto High School, and currently reside in Oconto with my wife, Ashley. Ashley and I have two beautiful daughters; Ayla and Aletheia. 

Following high school, I attended bible college in Georgia where I studied scripture and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. After returning to Oconto, I started my own cleaning business. Along with owning a small business, I am an active member in my Faith community, and I operate my own hobby farm. 

As a small business owner, I have witnessed firsthand how dangerous governmental overreach truly is. In March 2020 my small business and small businesses across Wisconsin were deemed unessential by our Governor. I was elected to the Assembly in April 2021, and am dedicated to the idea of a transparent political process. 

I am a defender of small businesses, religious freedom, and Wisconsin’s agricultural community. I am proud to serve the people of the 89th, and will continue to be an advocate for everyday Wisconsinites.