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A Note from Rep. Edming

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Welcome to my first e-update of the 2019-2020 Legislative Session.  I look forward to continuing to serve you over the next two years.  My staff and I are already hard at work preparing legislation to introduce for consideration by the legislature this session.  Some of the ideas that we are working on came from suggestions from folks in the 87th Assembly District.  As the new session gets underway, please feel free to reach out to me with any ideas you may have.  I have found that some of the best ideas for legislation come from constituents just like you.


Honored to Continue Serving You

On Monday, I had the honor of being sworn in as your state representative for another two-year term.  Serving the people of the 87th Assembly District is truly the best job I have ever had.  I am always humbled by the trust you, my fellow citizens, have placed in me to serve as your voice in the Wisconsin State Assembly.  I am honored to continue working for you.

In addition to my own inauguration ceremony, I was honored to attend the inauguration ceremony for Wisconsin's constitutional officers including our new governor, Tony Evers.  Attending this event reminded me how lucky we are to live in America and to be able to witness the peaceful transition of power from a governor of one party to a new governor of another party.  While I do expect differences of opinion with Governor Evers and my Democratic colleagues, I still believe that there is a lot of common ground where we can work together and get a lot of good things done for the people of Wisconsin.

And while there is no doubt that the political atmosphere in Madison will be different, my job remains the same no matter who serves as our governor.  I will continue to work on the behalf of the people of the 87th District and advocate for the priorities of the Northwoods in Madison.

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Rep. Edming signs the Oath of Office Book on Inauguration Day

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Rep. Edming with family and friends after the Assembly Inauguration Ceremony 

Working to Find Common Ground

Yesterday, Assembly Republicans sent a letter to Governor Tony Evers outlining some policy areas that we believe we can work together with him and his administration on this session, such as reducing income taxes, childcare affordability and ensuring healthcare coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

Also, Governor Evers has been invited to speak with our caucus and I am pleased that he will be doing so next week.  I look forward to the discussion on how we can work together to keep Wisconsin moving forward.

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Committee Assignments Announced

As I shared last month, I will be serving in a new role this session as the Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Labor and Integrated Employment.  I am proud to continue to lead in the area of competitive integrated employment and build upon the success of the Employment First Act that I authored this past session.  That act made Wisconsin a national leader in promoting competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities.  I look forward to working with stakeholders and committee members to continue the work in this important area.

Also, I am thrilled to share that I have been asked to serve as the Vice-Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Small Business Development for the third consecutive session.  As a long-time small business owner, I am excited to continue to put my knowledge and experience to use to help promote small business development in our state.  Last session, I authored legislation that eliminated the initial LLC filing fee for student entrepreneurs and I hope to build upon that success this session.  I look forward to working with committee members to find new ways to promote small business development in our state.

In addition to these committee leadership positions, I will be serving as a member of the following committees,


Around the 87th

Congratulations to the 87th District's Newest Eagle Scout

Late last month I had the honor of attending Jonathan Soelle's Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony in Weyerhaeuser. It was a privilege to present him with a citation from the State of Wisconsin in honor of his tremendous accomplishment. Congratulations Jonathan!

Jonathan Soelle Eagle Scout Court of Honor - 12.27.18 (1) .jpg

Jonathan Soelle Eagle Scout Court of Honor - 12.27.18 (2).jpg

Stay Up to Date

One of the best ways to stay up to date with what is going on in Madison is to sign up for the legislature's notification tracking service. This service allows you to follow legislative activity in Madison. Once you create a free account you can sign up to receive notifications about specific bills or committees as well as legislative activity pertaining to a subject area (i.e. agriculture, veterans). You can sign up for this service at notify.legis.wisconsin.gov.